A Timeless Journey Through 1970s Elegance and Japanese Influeces in Milan

In the heart of Milan’s Via Savona district, is a new culinary space, Langosteria Cucina, designed by acclaimed Dimorestudio. This new addition to the Langosteria Group, features a unique blend of cultured and eclectic elegance.

The interior space, crafted by Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran of Dimorestudio, resonates with an intimate, ‘70s-inspired charm, infused with Japanese elements. 

The central kitchen, adorned with silver and black lacquered wood finishes, echoes the aesthetics of bamboo, creating a seamless flow between culinary creation and dining pleasure.

The restaurant’s design features a 3-meter-long, fringed glass and brass lamp, dramatically suspended over the bar, which frames the bustling kitchen. 

This focal piece, along with a collection of vintage and custom-designed lighting, sets a mood of refined nostalgia. The Ignazio Gardella gallery contributes to this ambiance with its vintage lamps.

Seating arrangements break the mold with their lounge-like atmosphere, achieved through shorter-than-standard chairs and tables. This choice reinforces the venue’s commitment to comfort and intimacy. 

Meanwhile, the ceiling hosts a Dimoremilano 064 flat lamp sculpture, complementing the hushed beige and off-white color palette that envelops the space in warmth.

Dimorestudio’s approach to Langosteria Cucina is a departure from their typically opulent designs. They have crafted an ambiance that feels more like a convivial gathering at a friend’s home rather than a traditional dining out experience. 

The dining area’s walls, decorated with maps, vessels, and illustrations, narrate the story of a well-traveled collector, further enhancing the sense of being in a private, cherished space.

The overall atmosphere of Langosteria Cucina is one of understated sophistication, where every element contributes to the narrative of intimacy and elegance. 

From the meticulously chosen color scheme to the carefully curated artworks and lighting, the restaurant offers a unique setting that blends the comforts of home with the allure of a Milanese dining adventure.

Langosteria Cucina proves once again Dimorestudio’s ability to transform spaces into immersive experiences. It’s not just about dining; it’s about being transported to a place where every detail tells a story, and every meal becomes a memorable journey.

Photos by Paola Pansini