Where to Find Mahogany Panels For Interior Walls?

I am trying to find mahogany panels for interior walls. Either floor to ceiling panels that can be butted together or with a small gap, or some sort of smaller 3’x3’ish panel that can be hung on some sort of guide rail system.

Any thoughts or places i can look?Something like this photo.

👉🏻 I would suggest starting with a google search for “furniture grade mahogany plywood” — you can also try substituting “cabinet grade” in place of “furniture grade”, and “sapele” in place of “mahogany”. 

👉🏻 I have a stack of peel core mahogany used for door flats and cabinetry that is raw form. It would need to be glued or laminated to something solid, as they are loose and do not have structure on their own. I can take pics if you would like. They are not rigid and they are brittle by nature until they are mounted solid, but I could ship sheets of it within pieces of masonite.

👉🏻I live in an Eichler and all our walls look like this. We’ve replaced multiple walls with simple luan paneling stained with Watco oil. You have to go through five panels to find one good one and you also have to make sure they’re basically the same color since some can be more reddish and some more on the yellow side.

👉🏻 You can order any species of mahogany to match existing from a local supplier. Check out trims from companies such as Fry Reglet. Just match exactly what you have. It’s pretty easy if you know what you’re after. Ask an expert if you need help getting started and identifying materials.

👉🏻I’m adding 3/4” walnut ply with a clear satin/matte varnish to a couple of walls in our MCM. It’s a bit manual but looks great in our house where all our kitchen cabinets and most furniture is walnut. Here’s an in-process pic. Total cost is about $600 doing it myself. Using paint stir sticks to keep panel spacing and painting the gaps black also added edge taping since you can see the edges of the ply.

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