What shall I use, instead of linoleum, for my midcentury kitchen floor?

 We are starting to plan our updates/restoration. This is our first project. Thinking about the kitchen floor. The linoleum isn’t in good shape. Was thinking of wood, but now I’m thinking maybe slate to match the style of tile in the foyer. Am I crazy? Will it be cost prohibitive?

👉🏻 First, good luck on finding slate to match the foyer. I’ve searched and its been just about impossible. There are some small places that have it but its crazy expensive, especially since it has to be shipped. Second, I’d only go with something dark like that if you get a lot of light in your kitchen. Your foyer has a wall of windows so it works great there. Not so sure about your kitchen. If it were me, I’d go with something lighter in there.

👉🏻 If you use it the kitchen go for cork or olde fashioned linoleum. Slate looks great but is hard on the feet and dropped plates.

👉🏻  I used marmoleum. Just wish i had done tiles instead of solid so that i could do repairs.

👉🏻 You could also go totally retro with updated colors in linoleum tiles.

👉🏻 We found a very affordable slate at Home Depot for our floors… (and now I’m realizing that the best photo of them is from before we were finished). I can dig up the exact info if you’re interested.

👉🏻 Slate and tile will be VERY hard on your back and feet if you cook a lot. Wood is the easiest and linoleum is pretty good too. Slate also is very brittle and breaks pretty easily.  But in the end, pick something that brings you joy, since it’s yours.

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