This Opulent Palm Springs Home Offers a True Sensory Overload

Vivid colours, curious patterns and a series of striking material elements combine to produce this rather dazzling mid-century home in Palm Springs.

The sensory overload is palpable throughout, and it starts from the entrance. Nestled amongst a cluster of large rocks, a set of stairs leads to a dark bronze door. Featuring a textured pattern of concentric rings emanating from the door’s circular golden handles, it’s a wonderful riff on the bright sun which dominates the arid environment in which the house sits.

Opulent palm springs mid-century house - poolOpulent palm springs house - exterior entrance

This sun motif is repeated in a couple of other parts of the house: in the starburst-shaped bathroom light, in a couple of ornaments siting on the lounge coffee table, and also in a set of saucer-shaped lights in another bathroom.

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Opulent palm springs house - living roomOpulenr palm springs house - bedroom

The intensity continues throughout the interior, with scarlet red tiles adorning the walls of the shower, a bathroom clad in beautiful creamy brown-patterned marble, and windows that completely expose the house to the outdoors.

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All this interior excitement would be enough on its own, but the landscape in which the home sits is equally striking: extreme in its topography, rough, and covered in cacti and other succulents.

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Opulent palm springs house - bathroomOpulent palm springs house - entrance

In the picture which reveals the extent of this impactful landscape, the home cuts a clean white rectangle. It’s a confident gesture which really emphasises how amazing this mid-century home design is.



Opulent palm springs house - outsideOpulent palm springs house - outside

Photos via Locationsunlimited