This House was Designed to Showcase Art, Furniture & Midcentury Lights

Close to Wellington’s Botanical Gardens in New Zealand, this house sits on a slim piece of land. Parsonson Architects was commissioned to replace the old house, keeping only the basement garage and the original wooden floorboards, to build a new two-story home with one bedroom and two study rooms.

The home is arranged around a sunny garden courtyard that brings light into the living areas and offers a peaceful spot to sit outside. From the main living spaces and even the back rooms, you can see the Botanical Gardens across the street.

The house is filled with the owner’s collection of art, furniture, and vintage light fixtures. It’s also built to be energy-efficient, needing very little heating. The outside is covered in light-colored wood, matching the old house and fitting in with the trees around it.

The roof slopes up with the land, making the house look low and almost hidden, especially from the Botanical Gardens or the street.

Photos by Paul McCredie, Andy Spain