Midcentury Galore in Echo Park, Los Angeles

Midcentury home - Echo Park - Los Angeles

Referred to as the ‘long-lost’ John Lautner house by some, this intimate 1,100 square foot midcentury modern home was fortunately found again after 65 years. The home was originally built for Jules Salkin in 1948 in the Echo Park Neighborhood of Los Angeles, but was neglected for decades, which eventually caused the home’s decline into a dreadful state. 

Midcentury home - Echo Park - Los Angeles - living room

For years on end, the cosy residence was rented out with hardly any repairs or upkeep done to maintain the home. Lautner homes are often marked by floating roofs and this home is no different, however, due to the lack of maintenance, the home’s clean-cut butterfly shaped roof would often seep water through its glass connections. 

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The roof’s design is arresting and gives the home its character as well as provides shelter. Once the ‘long-lost’ Salkin House was rediscovered and bought by a couple, Bestor Architecture took on the job of restoring the stunning Lautner residence. Major repairs began, including reorienting the foundation of the home, which had become run down and droopy. Glass walls were updated with modern day, sustainable glass, and the interior was stripped down to the distinctive red concrete floor. The house, damaged by leakage, was waterproofed using modern technology.

Midcentury home - Echo Park - Los Angeles - dining area

The goal of bringing the gorgeous midcentury modern home back to its original condition was successfully achieved by 2017 thanks to the teamwork between architect, clients and contractor. The intent of the new homeowners was to preserve rather than remake and after freshening up with a rekindled spirit breathing through the home again, the couple began furnishing the home.

The home’s interior has a rustic bohemian vibe. Furnished with vintage pieces collected from flea markets local to Los Angeles, the vintage furniture is craftily combined with modern materials, such as the kitchen’s black countertops. From the color scheme to the textures of the materials, the home carries a cool and free spirited mood. Colorful details such as rugs and couch cushions add brightness and complement the pastoral elements.

It was by good luck that the long-forgotten John Lautner residence was rediscovered and brought back to life. Lodged within beautiful surrounding landscape, brimming with natural light and an excellent original home design, it would really have been a shame to keep overlooking this gem of a home.

Midcentury home - Echo Park - Los Angeles - dining area
Midcentury home - Echo Park - Los Angeles - living room
Midcentury home - Echo Park - Los Angeles - kitchen
Midcentury home - Echo Park - Los Angeles - relax area
Midcentury home - Echo Park - Los Angeles - Exterior
Photos: Laure Joliet