6 Arne Jacobsen Design Masterpieces

Arne Jacobsen studied architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen where he acquired a combination of practical and artistic training.

This unique combination enabled Jacobsen to design buildings, interiors and many different types of designs that beautifully balanced form and function.

From 1945 onwards, Jacobsen also designed furniture for mass-production. The Ant (1951) and the Series 7 chairs (1955) were both designed for Fritz Hansen and among his greatest successes. Today we have selected  six of Jacobsen’s works that we feel best represent his design philosophy.

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arne jacobsen - sas hotel 606 room The Jacobsen Drop Chair in the room 606 of the SAS Royal Hotel, Copenhagen 
Arne Jacobsen - Aarhus City Hall Clock The Jacobsen City Hall Clock designed for the City Hall in Aarhus 
arne jacobsen swan sofaThe Jacobsen Swan Sofa

arne jacobsen aj lampThe Jacobsen AJ Floor Lamp


arne jacobsen - series 7 chairThe Arne Jacobsen Series 7 Chair made famous by model Christine Keeler

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arne jacobsen - book cover

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