5 Contemporary Houses With a Strong Modernist Inspiration

Despite its name, the mid-century modern style is not confined to a particular period. Its originators’ penchant for clean, elegant design, focused on quality materials and functionality is something that went way beyond the period that followed the Second World War. Indeed, homes built today continue to keep alive the basic principles popularised at this time.

The following five houses are great examples of the continuing presence of the modernist impulse in contemporary homes. All of them have been featured in articles on this website.

V4 by Studio mk27

This Sao Paolo house designed by architects Studio mk7 offers a contemporary modernist touch in its particular optimisation of space

modern homes - v4 house studio mk27

Casa Viejo by Architect Mathias Klotz

Built in Santiago, Chile, this family house is built entirely out of reinforced concrete and steel beams.

casa viejo - mathias klotz

itHouse by Linda Taalman

Situated in California, and designed by architects Linda Taalman, the itHouse is open plan and covered in floor to ceiling class walls

itHouse - Pioneertown - Airbnb - Taalmankoch architects 5

Sarah Waller’s Glass House

Architect Sarah Waller built this home for herself, offers a militantly minimal take on the modernist design repertoire.

Sarah Waller's Glass House

Olnick Spanu House by Alberto Cambo Baeza

Full of beautiful artworks from the Arte Povera movement, the design for the Olnick Spanu House emphasises the outdoors as effectively as any period modernist piece.

Glass house - olnick-spanu-house


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