5 Mid-century Modern Houses With Great Wood Paneling

In the mid-century modernist house, the use of natural materials is paramount. For inspiring a sense of the outdoors in the heart of the home, it was one of the most important weapons in the modernist architect’s arsenal. At the heart of all this was the wood panel.

Always polished, especially to bring out the texture of the grain, wood panelling sought to show the simple beauty that could be achieved through good materials, fashioned with care.

Here we list five of our favourite examples of mid-century homes that display the simple elegance of the wood panel. Do you live in a mid-century or modernist-inspired contemporary house and want to be featured on Mid-Century Home? Contact us: info@midcenturyhome.com


1. Mid-Century Modern in The Woods: Henry Hoover’s Germeshausen House


Mid Century House by Henry Hoover

2. The Paul Hayden Kirk House in Bellevue



3. Richard Neutra’s Sten-Frenke House: A Foray into Glamour


richard neutra sten-frenke-house

4. Herbst Architects: A Beach-Side Retreat in Red and Brown


Modern Beach House by Herbst Architects

5. Tzannes Architects’ Killcare Residence – Hillside Elegance


Tzannes Architects Killcare Residence