These 5 Poul Kjaerholm’s Chairs Are All About Comfort

The celebrated Danish architect and furniture designer Poul Kjaerholm‘s elegant and rational furniture designs, such as the PK22 chair (1956) and the Hammock PK24 chaise Iongue (1965), were conceived within the Modernist idiom, they managed to avoid the alienating hard-edged aesthetic so common to the work of the Modern Movement.

Kjaerholm achieved this through the high-quality construction and realization of his designs, which retained a sense of traditional craftsmanship.


Poul Kjaerholm pk 9 chair

The PK 9 Chair, manufactured by E. Kold Christensen in Denmark, 1960.
Made of leather, matte chrome-plated and steel

Poul Kjaerholm pk 11 chair

The PK 11 Chair, manufactured by E. Kold Christensen in Denmark, 1957.
Made of matte chrome-plated steel, oak and leather

POUL KJAERHOLM pk 20 chair
The PK 20 Chair, manufactured by Fritz Hansen in Denmark, 1985
Made of brushed stainless steel and Leather

[tie_slide] Poul Kjaerholm - PK27

The PK 27 Chair, manufactured by E. Kold Christensen in Denmark, 1971.
Made of birch, birch plywood and leather

The Snedkerier lounge chair, manufactured by Thorald Madsen Snedkeri in Denmark, 1952.
Made of stained pine and jute.



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