6 Mid Century Modern Kitchens We Like

Mid-century modern houses focused on two spaces: living rooms and kitchens.
Today we have selected six mid-century kitchens that we like and, we hope, will inspire or just make you dream a bit.

Dark wooden -sometimes covered by bright colours like turquoise or light yellow- cabinets, together with big windows and polished countertops and floors create those contrasts that we like.
Also, an abundance of light and space to cook are elements of a positive message that these interiors want, probably, to deliver. A message that the post-war mid-century America really needed-and that gives a unique value to these exceptional dwellings.

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We have already written about some of the houses where these mid-century modern kitchens are -as the Case Study House #23 and the mid-century renovated cabin in Long Island– but go on to check the full gallery and let us know in the comments which one you prefer.

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