Amsterdam Thrifting Tour

This week I had a short thrifting tour, only one shop, but quite interesting.

This charity shop is my favorite because you can really find gems within tons of crap!

First this cupboard, I really liked it…really… but I’m trying to be practical here. It was too high for the corner where I should put it…I can’t cover half of the wall with it, it would make the room even smaller. So I had to say goodbye to the little treasure. 🙁

The other thing that caught my attention was this 8os(?) sideboard. Again…As I showed you during my most recent thrifting tours, slowly, pieces from the 80s are popping up in the stores. I know, in ten years I’ll probably regret all the 80s triangled furniture that I’m not buying now but I really can’t stand them at the moment 😉

Lets go to what I bought. The Fokker dishes set…someone told me that they were from an extinguished airline company’s dining board set; then highly desirable and rare…collectible.

I never heard of this brand/company, but I never heard of many other famous things in the past, so…did anyone know anything about it? Please show me the light at the end of the tunnel!

The small green glass pen holder -or at least that’s what I’ll use it for- match perfectly with my 50s glass ashtrays and my Mac, love it.

I’m really proud to introduce you to my new teak salad bowl! I think it is stunning, specially for 2,50 euro, and I can’t wait to have the first dinner to show it off to my friends! 😀

The last one is a really funny find…this potholder is exactly like the one my mom had for years and brought me back to when I was a child. Strange eh? It’s just a potholder! Anyway, they had tens of them and I took three for each shape: rounded, squared and oval. I don’t know what I’ll do with them but I couldn’t resist. Any idea?

Let me know what you liked more of my findings just leaving a comment.

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Thanks for reading and ciao.