Mid Century Style Inspired Home by Struere Architecture

This contemporary style home is a fantastic homage to the mid-century modern house

Built by the firm Struere Architecture, and situated in Los Angeles’ Hollywood Hills, its most strikingly mid-century design feature is, without question, the interior’s nearly complete exposure to the outdoors.

Mid Century Style home by Struere - outside

Executed through the use of some elegant, as well as highly sustainable glass panels, the effect is best represented in the office, which would be outdoors were it not for the set of barely visible windows arrayed around a single wall and running from the floor the roof. Indeed, to all intents and purposes, it is outdoors.

Mid Century Style home by Struere - dining areaMid Century Style home by Struere - STUDIO

This effect is continued in different ways throughout the rest of the house. For instance, due to a choice camera angle, the picture of the living area makes the room look as if it has a large gap in its wall, with only a set of curtains to keep the elements out. But this is just another instance of the massive windows fitting barely interrupting the transition from outside to indoors.

Another brilliant feature that really brings nature to the centre of the home is the tree located in the centre of the structure. Standing alone in the small courtyard, it’s a really nice minimalist touch which holds the whole thing together. This is also further assisted by a roof that links up all the disparate indoor and outdoor areas.

Besides this extreme dedication to merging indoors and outdoors, there are some exceptional interior design touches, perhaps most strikingly the wood burning stove in the bedroom, suspended from the ceiling, in a futuristic nod to the Googie sub-genre of mid-century architecture.

Mid Century Style home by Struere - bedroom

The colour palette is also lovely: soft creams and browns, offset by bright colours from the numerous rugs and a couple of beautifully composed abstract expressionist painting in the living area. Everything about this house is just spot on.