Mid-Century Thrifting in Amsterdam

Finally I did it…I started to thrift again, slowly 🙂

A friend of mine told me about an antiques shop that happens to be around the corner of my house. You can imagine how disappointed I was to learn about this place only now! …but it is never too late, so I decided to go and have a look.

It actually is a quite big shop with a lot of interesting Mid-Century pieces and some antiques, but definitely not a thrift shop considering the prices, although I didn’t have to buy anything.

I especially checked the sideboards they had -yes, I’m still looking for a nice sideboard for my living room- but without any luck.

I stumbled upon a couple of interesting objects that -if I had the space- I would have definitely bought, mainly chairs.

After the butterfly chair with the leather seat, I fell in love of the foldable steel chair with the leather seat and back rest! It was a set of four and they were stunning!

My heart also beat for the rounded coffee table, the legs were so elegant and simple that I could not avoid to love it as well 🙂

I didnt’ really understood if the white chair was a variant of the Breuer Wassily chair or just a bad copy…I think the second one considering it didn’t have any label.

The interesting thing I noticed in the shop was that they had a couple of 80s pieces, the rack and the coffee table, that -please don’t close the browser now- I didn’t dislike at all!

The extreme geometries of these two pieces were really interesting, plus I’m absolutely sure that in ten years the new collectible craziness will be about the furniture from the 80s that, now, nobody wants.

Again…If I only had the space I would have buy at least one of the two.

Is there anythink that would you have picked up? Let me know in the comments which of my findings you liked more !

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Thanks for reading and ciao!