A Modern Home Seamlessly Integrated with Nature’s Beauty

Nestled on the gentle lower slopes of Te Mata Peak, overlooking the serene beauty of the Tukituki River NZ, is a home that seamlessly merges with its natural surroundings. 

Parson Architects explains how for the owners, this wasn’t just a house; it was envisioned as a place where family memories would flourish. With two children in tow, they sought a home that embraced outdoor living, complete with a pool for sun-drenched afternoons, a covered outdoor room for al fresco dining, and ample space for lush gardens to thrive.

Designed to follow the contours of the land, the house is a testament to understated elegance. Its low-slung profile gently steps downwards, sheltered beneath a sweeping single roof pitch that stretches gracefully across the landscape. 

A covered walkway guides visitors from the driveway to the main living areas, oriented towards the north to capture the warmth of the sun and seamlessly transition to the outdoor oasis, complete with a pool and covered lounging area.

Throughout the home, a deliberate connection with the outdoors is evident. Living spaces embrace the east, north, and west, inviting natural light and fostering a sense of openness. 

The upper living room offers a serene retreat, with expansive windows framing views of Te Mata Peak and the surrounding landscape, reminiscent of a living canvas that changes with the seasons.

Family life revolves around the heart of the home – the kitchen, dining, and covered outdoor areas. Here, shared moments are cherished, while a separate TV/living area provides an entertainment area for the children. Bedrooms are thoughtfully positioned to capture the morning sun, with generous eaves offering respite from the summer heat.

On the outside, the home pays homage to its natural setting with dark-stained cedar cladding that echoes the hues of the surrounding landscape. Contrasting white elements add a touch of modernity, reminiscent of traditional farmhouses amidst the countryside.

In its commitment to sustainability, the home stands as a beacon of eco-conscious living. From its low-carbon footprint materials to its passive design principles, every aspect is meticulously planned to minimize environmental impact. 

Double-glazed windows, ample insulation, and natural ventilation ensure energy efficiency year-round. Rainwater harvesting, greywater recycling, and on-site waste treatment further enhance its eco-friendly credentials.

Photos by Paul McCredie