Raymond Kappe: The Kappe Residence

In the early 1950s, Raymond Kappe worked with Carl Maston and learned to combine wood with a strong sense of structure.

These principles are clearly reflected in his family house built on a steep canyon site, a residence with seven different levels supported by fir beams and concrete masses with the interior and exterior redwood surfaced.

The structure was made apparent by the abundant use of glass which had minimal framing. “Layering his residence horizontally in almost geological terms creates a form of stratification in which he expressed various levels of the home’s activities independently of others above or below. The family’s music room was the headquarters for his son’s activities.” (Modernism Rediscovered)

Kappe Residence - Julius Shulman_b

Kappe Residence - Julius Shulman_c

Kappe Residence - Julius Shulman_d

Kappe Residence - Julius Shulman


Kappe Residence - Julius Shulman_f

Pictures via Julius Shulman’s Modernism Rediscovered.


julius shulman modernism rediscovered - cover b