Why Mid Century Furniture are Made with Teak and How to Take Care of It – Part 2

(Pic via Apartmenttherapy)

A professional thrifter, like us ;), knows how in bad conditions a vintage wooden piece can be when he stumbles across it in a flea market: spots, cracks and faded areas are quite normal and can ruine a bit the beauty of the finding.

I am not a restorer so I can’t help with the deepest damages, but I have a way to clean the vintage wood that always works! 🙂

Then, as I promised in Why Mid Century Furniture are Made with Teak and How to Take Care of It, today I’ll share my easy 4 steps way to renovate mid century woods; specially Teak.

Is much easier than you can imagine.

The 4 steps guide to renovate your damaged mid century teak furniture

What do you need?

Oil soap

Teak oil or Danish oil


Rags (Lint free)

Ultra fine sand paper

Elbow grease 😉

You can find easily all these things in the nearby hardware shop.

The 4 Steps:


1. Sand the damaged areas with a fine sand paper in the direction of the grain

2. After sanding, spread everything down with the oil soap to clean off the dust and residual possible old wax

3. Using the Teak Oil or Danish Oil, wet a rag and rub the entire furniture.

Wait ten/fifteen minutes and with a clean rag dry off the surplus oil.

You can repeat this step a pair of or three times.

4. After the surface is dry to the touch, you have to rub down everything with the Wax. Let it dry and your piece is ready.

Easy, isn’t it!? 😀

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Let me know the results, if you followed my guide, or if you have another way to take care of vintage woods but in the meanwhile keep following Mid Century Home for free trough the RSS by the Mail List or Twitter!

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