5 Mid-Century Living Rooms that Made History

Some houses are just a bit more special than others, certainly these ones are, and their living rooms can tell us a lot. We selected 5 mid-century living rooms from our favourite Case Study Houses, that were carefully furnished to glorify their architecture.

Mid-century living rooms are characterised by open-plans that give plenty of space to decorate them and, in some cases, even to showcase beautiful furniture that are iconic piece of art themselves.
We hope you will enjoy.

Probably the most famous and photographed, the Case Study House #22 is also called the Stahl House and was designed by Pierre Koenig.
The Stahl House -built on a promontory overlooking the city of Los Angeles- has an L-shaped plan with a structure made of steel and glass.


The Case Study House #8, built between the 1945 and 1949, is also famous to be the Charles and Ray Eames house. It was initially designed by Charles Eames and Eero Saarinen but modified during the building process by Eames and his wife Ray to maximise the spatial area.


The Case Study House #21 was an experiment for architect Pierre Koenig in on-site construction as well as in the detailing of its steel frame. Minimalistic and almost 'severe', the geometric design of the house was also emphasised by Koenig's avoidance of roof overhangs.


The last house to be of the Case Study House program, the #28, was designed by architects Buff and Hensman and completed in 1966. The design is a hybrid, in which the heaviness of the bricks, which hide the steel framing structure, is lightened by wide areas of glass, ample windows and multiple open courtyards. 


The Case Study House #20 was designed by architects Buff, Straub & Hensma and completed in 1958. This house represented a departure from others in the Case Study House program. It was built mainly in wood instead of steel, and relied on the curved forms of barrel vaults and ample roof overhangs. It was an homage to the heritage of the craftsman style of the region where it was built.


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