A Modern Mid-Century House in Sweden

Some time ago I shared a Mid-Century/Art-Deco/Classic house in Malmö, Sweden.

Today, it’s time to come back to Malmö for another stunning house. 😀

(pics via Bolaget)

What I really like in this house is the view (I could stay all day staring at it), the terrace -the spring arrived… I’m in a ‘stay outside’ mood ;)- and the Mid Century gems all around the house.

I had a lot of fun checking the pics one by one trying to recognize all the Mid-Century furniture: and are quite a lot!

So, let’s play…

In the Hall there’are two Eames’s plywood chairs

In the open space the Le Corbusier LC2 chairs, the Castiglioni Arco and Toio floor lamps.

In the TV room another Castiglioni lamp, Parentesi.

In the Studio a Eames Lounge chair plus its ottoman and the Jacobsen AJ floor and table lamps.

All around the house Tomado shelves systems.

Those people know how to mix Mid-Century design in a modern environment, it’s no surprise that Scandinavian design is the best in the world since decades; it’s my personal opinion, no offense 😉

What did I miss? Play with me…let me know if you see some other Mid Century treasure!

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