Midcentury Charm Merges with Modern in a Jakarta Home

In the heart of South Jakarta lies a home designed by Bitte Design Studio, perfect for the hot and sunny tropical climate. This house is split into three main parts.

The front is where you’ll find the garage, a small room for quick visits, a toilet, and an office. It’s like a welcoming area before you get to the main house, with brick walls and a wooden ceiling.

Each room in the house has big windows or doors, letting in lots of fresh air and sunlight – a must-have in the warm, humid weather of Jakarta. 

The middle part of the house is where the family comes together. You walk over a bridge, crossing a long, narrow pool to get there. This area is all about hanging out, with a kitchen, dining room, and living room all in one open space. Big glass doors open up to a large, partly outdoor terrace that looks over a green space in the middle of the house. 

There’s something special about the master bedroom – it’s hidden behind some wooden shelves in the living room, giving it lots of privacy and a view of a beautiful backyard. The master bathroom is also hidden, blending into the wardrobe. It’s got a big glass door that leads to a small outdoor pool. 

There’s a cool staircase in the house that seems to float, with a shiny pond underneath. Above the stairs is a long window that lets in lots of light and makes the house feel open.

The top part of the house is mostly for the kids, with their bedrooms and a place to study. There’s a big open space that lets you see down to the ground floor and lets the breeze and light travel through the house. The top floor has a big bookshelf that not only looks good but also shades the balcony at the back.

The side of the house facing the afternoon sun has a special screen to block the harsh sunlight but still lets air move freely through the big sliding doors in each room. The house also has a long, wide roof that helps keep the sun and rain out, especially over the big windows and doors.

Photos by Ditho Sitompoel and Ernest Theofilus