Inside the Modern Revival of a Mid-Century Classic in Clear Oak 

Nestled in the hills above San Fernando Valley, Clear Oak is a rare beauty, blending modern touches with its mid-century roots. Once the residence of Bing Crosby’s manager, it now stands as a testament to the blend of past and present, thanks to the vision of Woods + Dangaran, a Los Angeles-based design team.

The standout feature of Clear Oak is its openness. Floor-to-ceiling glass doors erase the line between inside and outside, connecting the living space with the breathtaking views of the San Gabriel and Santa Susana mountains. The centerpiece is a stunning infinity-edge pool that seems to float over the landscape, adding a splash of luxury to the outdoor deck.

Upon entering, you’re welcomed into a charming courtyard, filled with native plants and trees. It’s like stepping into a peaceful oasis, a perfect introduction to the calm and simplicity that defines the home.

Woods + Dangaran’s renovation is a masterclass in using just the right materials to create warmth and elegance. They’ve chosen teak wood and travertine stone as their main players, lending the house a natural, inviting feel.

The design is simple yet sophisticated, using only four materials: aluminum, plaster, travertine, and teak. This simplicity creates a serene atmosphere that flows through the entire home.

The brief for the architects was to honor the house’s mid-century heritage while injecting a modern sense of luxury.

A big part of this transformation was reimagining the landscape. By moving the pool and shaping the land around it, they created more space for decks and terraces. These outdoor areas are connected to the main rooms through sliding glass doors, blending the indoors with the scenery.

The interior is a cozy mix of new and vintage, with furnishings in natural materials and warm colors. These pieces sit alongside the owner’s personal collection of art and decor. 

Photos by Joe Fletcher