Welcome to Mid Century Home!

And finally here we are!!! 😀

As I explained you in A New Home for GoVintage and A New Home for GoVintage #2, GoVintage was moving to a new home…and here we are, welcome to the new GoVintage’s home; Mid Century Home!

I am sooo excited guys!

I worked very hard on this new blog, but I wasn’t alone so I have to say thank you to a couple of friends that helped me out with the graphic part, thanks Guido, and the IT part, thanks Luigi… and finally we are ready! …almost 😉

Yes, almost, because I still have to adjust few things and add few other things so, for the time being, I would say I still am in a ‘beta’ phase; but is good enough to share it! 😀

I don’t want to say too much about Mid Century Home, except that I put, and I am still doing, a lot of effort in it and that the move from GoVintage has not been easy.

Almost all the pictures of the old posts are still on Posterous and not optimized for the WordPress images gallery, plus not all the posts have been imported correctly in WordPress with the result that the archive is a little bit messy at the moment…but is ok 🙂 I don’t  want to be too picky.

Mid Century Home has more inspiring content.

The Blogs I Follow page already existed in GoVintage, is basically a list of all the great blogs I read every day about the mid century modern design and furniture. I think they are extremely inspiring and that’s why I want to share them with you.

The Bookshelf page is new, a collection of useful and inspiring books about mid century modern design and furniture; constantly updated with new books.

The People in Design page is also new, and is a starting page from where you can browse the series of posts I am writing about the most important designers of the mid century:

“Surfing the web I found great blogs about mid-century modern, but what I missed was an in-depth examination of the great pieces I was reading about and their designers.

That is why I decided to start a series of posts about the masters of mid century design, their works and  history; People in Design.

Of course, my greatest hope for Mid Century Home is to find more friends with whom share my passion and interest for the mid century modern design; you!

If you still don’t know who I am, have a look at the About page to know more about me.

I also hope that you will like Mid Century Home so much to decide to follow me trough RSS, Mail List and Twitter; check the Subscribe Now! page to know how to do it 😉

Well, I hope you will enjoy Mid Century Home and that we’ll be in touch for a long time here!

Thanks for reading.