What Color Shall I Paint my 1956 House Exterior?

Would love to get some opinions/suggestions on exterior paint on the 1956 gen I purchased. Went grey with black trim and am regretting it due to the lack of cohesiveness with the original rock.

Am I or we thinking this or should I go much lighter? Thinking something more earthy with more white in the trim. Love midcentury but this is my first go at it, so thank you for any and all help! 

👉🏻 Paint it black to match the trim

👉🏻 Sherwin Williams has an app to visualize your home in different colors. A darker mushroom grey would have the brown notes to highlight the stone.

👉🏻 Almost black with brown tones. Trim same so as not to stand out.

👉🏻 My house has similar siding and stonework. We may be painting soon so I’m also contemplating colors. We may go a smoky grey and keep the orange doors.

👉🏻 Take a look at Sherwin Williams Black Fox (a brownish/dark gray) for the trim or you could consider just painting everything (walls and trim) the same color and letting the stone stand out more. You could pull an earthy tone from the stone like a yellow ocher for the the under side of the soffits.

👉🏻 Use the Sherwin Williams app. Depending upon where you live, sun exposure and budget, before you repaint, buy quarts of several colors and try them next to the stone. Because you have a mid tone roof color, you really have to consider that too. Does your roof need replacing anytime soon? Because roof color really dictates what color you ultimately choose. A deep dark color would showcase the stone, but only if it works with your roof color. A very dark black brown could be very striking with black trim, but you have to look at it with the roof color first. The roof color is often overlooked in choosing body color.

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