5 John Lautner Houses That Are All About Freedom

John Lautner, was one of the most influential architects from the Mid-century modern period. Some of his projects became architecture and pop icons as the Goldstein Residence, the Chemosphere and the Elrod House: which well represent his design process described by Lautner as “a total involvement.”

Lautner often sketched as he built, his initial freehand plans and sections indicate a clear sense of structure and an overarching personality unique to each project. Also, the ideas for each individual project were closely related to the needs of his client. James Goldstein even ‘complained’ about the excess of freedom that John Lautner gave him: “He would never tell me anything that he wanted to have done. He always waited to hear from me first. That, in some ways, made it difficult for me, it was a challenge to come up with ideas and very exciting to see the process evolve from my original ideas.” To John Lautner, each idea was unique to each client.

Today we have selected five of his greatest works that challenge the concept of traditional house and define him as architect. Enjoy!
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John Lautner’s Elrod House: Free-Architecture

American architect John Lautner designed the Elrod House in 1968. The Elrod House is an example of Lautner’s so-called free architecture designs…READ MORE.

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John Lautner’s Chemosphere. Malin House

One of the most modern buildings of it’s time,  the Chemosphere by architect John Lautner, is praised for it’s unique design and for it’s ingenious solution to the problem of building on a lot with a dramatic angled slope of 45 degrees…READ MORE.

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John Lautner’s Goldstein Residence. Los Angeles

Lautner’s Sheats Goldtstein Residence, is one of the most remarkable Modernist buildings ever designed and sits in Los Angeles. This house is closely related to John Lautner’s career, and it wasn’t a project like any other as it is in construction since 1963…READ MORE.[/tie_slide]


John Lautner - Schwimmer House

A Modern Castle by John Lautner. The Schwimmer House

The Schwimmer House was commissioned to represent a modern day castle. It’s totally in harmony with nature, with trees and greenery throughout, natural stone walls and a vault like door…READ MORE.

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Renovating a Masterpiece, The John Lautner Garcia House

The current owner of the famous and iconic John Lautner Garcia house talks about the difficult, but fulfilling, process of renovating a Modernist masterpiece…READ MORE.


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