Midcentury Elegance Meets Modern Living

​​Located in the well-established Zilker neighborhood of Austin, this mid-century modern ranch captures the essence of timeless design. Originally built in 1955, the vintage home underwent a complete renovation and remodel while preserving its unique mid-century charm. The transformation was a creative collaboration between Rick +Cindy Black Architects and the award-winning Austin design firm, Ashby Collective

Retaining its iconic features such as the low-slung roof, brick exterior, and pitched ceilings, the house hadn’t seen any significant updates or maintenance over its sixty-year lifespan. Despite the limitations imposed by deed restrictions, which allowed only a one-story expansion, this restriction had a positive effect on the property. The surrounding live oak canopy thrived, creating a picturesque setting with dappled shade that adds to the allure of the neighborhood.

One of the owner’s requests was the addition of a room inspired by an orangerie. This new space features a freestanding tub and expansive views of the wide open lawn in the backyard, offering a tranquil retreat within the comfort of home. To complement the original design, Christina Simon from Ashby Collective incorporated terrazzo floors throughout the house. Collaborating closely with Rick and Cindy Black, they meticulously redesigned the kitchen, sunken den, bathrooms, and a new, light-filled bathing sunroom.

A hallmark of this renovation is the emphasis on custom details and unique elements. From built-in furniture to carefully selected tiles, textures, and cabinetry, every aspect of the design showcases the effortless fusion of Austin’s distinctive style with modern aesthetics. The result is a home that exudes sophistication while maintaining a casual and inviting ambiance.

Photos by Clay Grier