What about epoxy terrazzo tiles for residential use?

Photo Jamie Hamilton

What do you think about epoxy terrazzo in residential applications? Do you have it? Have you seen epoxy terrazzo in person? 

I’m just doing due diligence & exploring all my flooring options. Went down an epoxy rabbit hole.

👉🏻Both concrete and epoxy terrazzo are Great Floors that last a long time in heavy traffic areas both in public and private buildings. I cleaned and polished a whole lot of these in my youth

👉🏻We’re checking out the epoxy angle, too. I’ve seen some good installations in MCM homes. You just want to pay more for the added coating/effort to flatten out the surface since standard epoxy floors tend to be a bit bumpy for “grip” in a utility area.

👉🏻The three nice things about epoxy terrazzo floors is.. the weight… the resistance to cracking….and that it doesent transfer temperature as easy…cold floors.

👉🏻In 2015-16, we chose Terrazzio tile for our kitchen floor and have been very pleased with it.

👉🏻The epoxy terrazzo can fail while traditional cannot (unless your foundation does). I believe it was the Houston airport that had a problem with it somehow become wavy? Maybe it was a vapor barrier problem… I have 4” thick traditional terrazzo throughout the house and Terrazzio tile in one room which certainly smelled like epoxy when it was put in.

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