Who Has a Pond or a Fountain Built-in Beside the Front Door?

In the original home design, there is a rectangle white concrete basin just to the right of the sliding front door. The basin is just behind the bush. It was a pond, from what I’ve been told.

Anybody else have a pond or a fountain built-in beside the front door? I’m trying to figure out if I can make it into a cool fountain or water feature.

👉🏻 Sure you can. Get a little pump/fountain for about $50 as long as there is a plug near that’s all it takes. And I put a little bleach to keep the water clear.

👉🏻 If it’s just a basin, it could become the catch-basin for a large custom wall fountain. Or, less expensive option- you could make it a garden patch (or fill it with interesting rock) and place a smaller free-standing fountain in the space.

👉🏻Yes! We had an existing pond with our mid-century home, too. Love it! (It’s between the two shrubs.) And gawd, our house is dirty in this picture. Anyway, the sound of the water trickling over the little zen-stacked-stone bubbler is so relaxing. Be sure to use something like Algae-fix to help keep your water clear — it’s safe for fish, plants, wildlife and is available on Amazon.

👉🏻 As it is a area to hold water, a low maintenance way to have water is to install broken river rock and set a pot fountain on top of the rock. The water fills a small tray just inside the pot and spills over the sides of the pot into the rock and then the water is pumped into the pot again. Low standing water no muskets larva. Little or no algae formation. The picture I am showing is a lantern I designed, but the ceramic base is one of the pots. This is just a idea of what I mean.

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