House Tour: A Mid-Century/Art-Deco/Classic house in Malmö

This house is in one of the nicest Malmö streets -Sweden- and is a magnificent example of early XX Century Scandinavian design.

More than the furnishings, even if I spotted a couple of Mid-Century pieces in the living room, what I really like in this apartment are the space itself, the light, the amazing high ceilings, the terrific wooden floor and the Art-deco details.

Almost all the Scandinavian houses I saw so far are quite white…also this one has a lot of white but is gracefully mixed with few colored pieces -chairs, pillows and the light grey-blue of the walls- that make it original and alive!

From the furnishing side, I really appreciate the mix of Mid-Century, minimal and classic; it makes the space cozy.

Last but not least, the fantastic Art-deco details of the building: stairs, walls and glass decorated windows…amazing! 😀

This house is definitely inspiring, what do you think? 🙂

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Pics via Bolaget