MId-Century House in La Canada, Has Beautiful Redwood Panelling

This original mid-century home was re-imagined in 2008 by designer Jamie Bush. Residing among the foothills of La Canada Flintridge, California, Bush has created a real beauty.

Among a host of remarkable elements, probably the stand out feature are the wood-lined walls running throughout the house. Comprising hundreds of handpicked redwood panels, the overall effect is emphatic, this is a rich and luxurious design.

La Canada Flintridge mid-century house - livingLa Canada Flintridge mid-century house - living

Approaching the house from a distance, you’re already met with an impressive array of redwood. Indeed, with only a few clerestory windows, nothing of the interiors is offered up, this is all about the wood. Different elements of the panelled, façade jut out at different points so that light catches the wood at many different points. It creates a lovely composition when absorbed in its entirety.

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This feast of wood carries on into the home’s interior. Where the same redwood panelling is nicely offset by frequent flourishes of deep black. Something about the combination of black and brown adds a timeless class to a home, at least as it is displayed in the interior in question.

La Canada Flintridge mid-century house - kitchenLa Canada Flintridge mid-century house - dinner area

The effect is perhaps most impressively displayed in the dining area. Here you find a lovely interplay between the two tones: starting with the black slate floor, and continuing up, from the Danish Modern style chairs upholstered in black leather, to the dark brown, highly-polished table.

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Both table and chairs are overlooked by a black framed, black and white photograph and black supporting beams on the ceiling. They are also surrounded by those ubiquitous redwood panels. It’s understated, but such a composition once again speaks of richness and luxury.

Returning briefly to the home’s exterior, the decision to have only a few clerestory windows at the front of the building is also to do with creating a substantial amount of privacy from the rest of the street. This is something which contributes to perhaps the second stand out feature of the home: its all-round seclusion.

It’s an element which is also apparent in the back garden where a wall has been placed high enough to ensure just the right amount of privacy while retaining interaction with the numerous mature pine and oak trees beyond it.

La Canada Flintridge mid-century house - living roomLa Canada Flintridge mid-century house - bedroom

Meanwhile, the only complete view to the outside is from the second floor, as evidenced in the picture of the bedroom, which offers a view of the lovely countryside beyond.Meanwhile, the only complete view to the outside is from the second floor, as evidenced in the picture of the bedroom, which offers a view of the lovely countryside beyond.

With all these considerations in mind, it’s no surprise the home was awarded a prestigious Architectural Merit Award by Pasadena Foothill AIA in 2012, and has been featured in several international magazines and books.



La Canada Flintridge mid-century house - bedroomLa Canada Flintridge mid-century house - studioLa Canada Flintridge mid-century house - poolLa Canada Flintridge mid-century house - exterior

Photos via DeasyPenner