A See-Through Modernist Pavilion in Canada

Modernist pavilion - architect Daoust Lestage -  Canada

Indulgence comes in all varieties, from fresh outdoor air to discrete leisure lodgings. This contemporary home design revels in a combination of the two.

Resting within the comfort of Canadian backwoods and lakeside, Montreal-based Daoust Lestage’s Pavillon Du Lac stems from the slight slope like a glazed ornament. Completed in 2015 in St-Bruno-de-Montarville, the glass paneled pavilion was built as a cabin to accommodate guests. 

Enveloped by stunning scenery, this glass cabin is a place to unwind as much as it is to enjoy nature. Despite the seemingly limited space, the pavilions total of 1,240 square feet, wrapped around all floor to ceiling windows, contain two bedrooms, a kitchen, a lounge area, a utility space as well as a basement for storage. 

Modernist pavilion - architect Daoust Lestage -  Canada -
Modernist pavilion - architect Daoust Lestage -  Canada -
Modernist pavilion - architect Daoust Lestage - Canada -
Modernist pavilion - architect Daoust Lestage -  Canada -

During the day time, sunlight pours in from all sides while at the same time disguising the modern home; the reflective exterior causes the residence to mirror the surroundings, seamlessly blending into the landscape. As the sun begins to set, Pavillon Du Lac suddenly turns completely transparent.

The interior is decidedly bare yet stylishly minimalistic. White and wooden hues establish a instinctive flow throughout the interior and only the essential pieces of furniture dress up the interior. Commodities such as the television have been sunken into the homes interior design in a clever manner to keep the space tidy. 

Sustainability was a key factor during Pavillon Du Lac’s design and construction process; triple-glazing was used to cut down energy consumption and extra measures were taken in order to eliminate potential impact on the surrounding landscape. Another noteworthy feature of this modern home is its roof; it was designed flat with the idea to plant vegetation on and further immerse the structure into the natural environment. 

Modernist pavilion - architect Daoust Lestage -  Canada -


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Modernist pavilion - architect Daoust Lestage - Canada
Photos Adrien Williams

Thanks to its slight elevation from the ground, Pavillon Du Lac enjoys panoramic views of the gorgeous Canadian nature. On several sides, the roof extends over the patio. At the facade of the home, stairs from the patio lead the way down, straight into the nature.  

The attention to detail is intricate to the point that the flow throughout the house is ostensibly faultless. This contemporary home design is a treasure that has not only been crafted with skill, but also resourcefully situated into a perfectly fitting location.