Have you ever replaced your roof?

 I’m looking for roofing suggestions. This is a 1969 tar and gravel roof. Not currently covered under insurance. Inspector said it was good and would last forever. Every time it rains, more gravel falls into the gutters and yard. Has anyone ever replaced a roof like this? What would you do with it? Thanks in advance.

👉🏻 All Eichler homes in California were built with traditional tar and gravel roofs. Many have switched over to the spray foam over the years for various reasons, but those do require more maintenance. But when we replaced ours (not the original 1959 roof of course, but the roof from the late 80’s) we stuck with the tar and gravel. I would direct you to the Eichler Network website for more possible info. They do not “last forever” but they do hold up quite a long time, our cost in Northern Ca was approx. $16k 3 years ago.

👉🏻 Tar and gravel tends to dry and crack over time, leading to leaks. Spray foam is monolithic so as long as you take care of it, it will last forever. I believe maintenance basically boils down to reapplying a topcoat at about the ten-year mark and then again 20 to 30 years later. Foam has the added benefit of reflecting heat and adding considerable insulation.

👉🏻 If your roof is dead level, your probably have a coal tar roof. Great roof but melts in summer and flows down roof drains. So if you re-roof check your drain pipes first. You probably need lots of roof insulation that creates a 1/4″/12″ slope plus saving energy. Type- I like a modified bitumen but any type will last except a ballasted rubber roof for you must find the leaks. Good luck.

👉🏻 My Montana midcentury modern originally had tar and gravel. I currently have an EDPM membrane, which was expensive and not ideal, IMO. Next time, I’ll investigate steel options.

👉🏻 We had gravel. Replaced with shingles and works great

👉🏻 1961 bungalow with tar and gravel roof in Canada (crazy cold place in winter, crazy hot in the summer). Replaced my roof once in 2015 with tar and gravel. Will last another 40 years. Don’t worry about the gravel falling, it’s not structural. Tar and gravel looks great and period appropriate. Don’t believe everything roofers tell you, tar and gravel is great and long lasting.

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