Modern Scandinavian Design Special: FDB Møbler

FDB Møbler was born out of the idea to provide the masses with access to good quality furniture, regardless of their personal wealth.

During the mid-century period, when mass-produced furniture started to appear and brands such as Herman Miller dominated the market in the US, FDB remained true to their mission. Their furniture has always encapsulated one of the most important principles of modern Scandinavian design: providing beautiful, functional and durable design for everyone.

We are particularly fond of the chairs for their timeless and flexible design. You could accommodate one, either in a corner of a sleek and minimal kitchen or in a more country-inspired interior.

Good brands deserve attention, which is what we are aiming to do with this series on modern Scandinavian design.

FDB Mobler - old-new furnitureFDB Mobler Chairs
FDB Mobler - Table and chairsFDB Mobler - fru-nimb-
FDB Mobler - Table and chairFDB Mobler - Desk and chairs

Photos via FDB Møbler