What Type of Wood Shall I Use to Replace the Carpet?

We are thinking about getting rid of our carpet and putting down wood floors. What type of wood, width of plank, do you all think would be best? Here is the current look. The linoleum tile is staying. It has green shades to it.

👉🏻 My favorite is 2.25” oak or maple. Sanded and sealed on sight, not the prefinished stuff. No stain – just a natural blonde. Oak will be grainy and period appropriate. Maple will be a more subtle grain but gorgeous. Blonde wood shows less dirt and dust and hair, etc and becomes a gorgeous surface to let everything else shine.

👉🏻 Wider width engineered white oak natural finish gives a nice modern/Scandinavian look. 2-1/4 red or white oak site finished would be more “historically correct”. Just google low gloss engineered white oak plank if you decide to go that route. Plenty of stuff on the market. I’ve owned a wood floor business for many years and would advise getting a few quotes on the work, get references and most of the time you get what you pay for.

👉🏻 Don’t go too light or it will look strange with your existing baseboards and wood doors/paneling. And nothing in the grey family.

👉🏻 Rift and quartersawn white oak. As wide as you can afford haha. No brainer. Satin finish no pigment.

👉🏻 We just put in teak hardwood in 2 bedrooms & love it. We have teak parquet floors in our living room, dining room, hallway We pulled up carpet in our den & guest room and found the same parquet (altho it was a darker color). But when we pulled up the master bedroom and another bedroom and there was only plywood under it. We couldn’t find the same pattern of parquet, so it seemed simpler.

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