I have a 1956 MCM home in La Mirada CA and I’m working on the landscaping now and I would like some opinions on whether I should go with black mulch or gravel?

?? Gravel or stones if you don’t have deciduous trees. Mulch if there is not much direct sunlight to that area, the mulch will fade quickly and have to be replaced every 2 to 3 years. I’m in SoCal too and have beds with both gravel and mulch, I prefer the gravel/small stones.

?? I would look into decomposed granite. Looks great and hardens pretty well providing a secure walking surface. Plus looks a little more appropriate for a SoCal midcentury

?? If it’s next to your home, you should use gravel or rocks. I’m a surface designer and landscaping is my hobby, located in Malibu area. I used all gravel and river rock due to fire resistance and city codes. Plus mulch or wood chips next to your home will create a home for termites and rot.

?? Black mulch fades SUPER quick. I used it at my last house, looks fresh for maybe two weeks. Very dull & grey & flat soon after. If you choose the right pebbles, you’ll get the perfect look the first time!