To Paint or Not to Paint a Midcentury Brick Wall?

We’ve been going back and forth on painting the brick in this room. Our plan is a subtle odd white. I feel like the brick is too red and painting it works give it a more fresh feeling to the room. We gets lots of natural light from a wall of floor to ceiling windows. The opposite walls are wood paneling so we don’t have an option to off set the brick by another wall color. Thoughts?

👉🏻 Please. Do. Not. Paint.

👉🏻 I am staunchly in the “never paint brick” camp but will admit this isn’t the nicest looking example. Might sound weird, but I would move the taxidermy elsewhere as I think those color tones clash.

👉🏻 You are likely to get a lot of comments akin to: “painting brick is a sin!”
I understand the sentiment but don’t agree 100%.
It makes sense to pause and think before painting brick, which you are doing. So good on you! You’re honoring the brick enough by not rushing into it.
I don’t agree that we MCM home owners are bound to honor every material or design choice made by the original architect, builder, or home owner in perpetuity.
It’s your house! Have it the way you want!
In your case, however…
while not disagreeing with you completely, I might be more inclined to change the paneling to something lighter, and that plays better off the brick. Paneling, while expensive and also a beautiful, natural material, is superficial, in the sense of structurally irrelevant. The brick pretty much has to stay, whether painted or raw. 
Good luck with your choice!!

👉🏻 Unlike others, I am not anti-brick painting. I can understand why most people say no, but sometimes someone made a bad brick choice. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I love your dark, rich paneling. I think offsetting the deep wood tones with a charcoal gray would be fantastic. It would lighten things up by way of simplifying the pattern and giving the eye less to take in. Paint will also reflect more light than brick will.

👉🏻 Nope, will lose your natural material focus.

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