How Can I Add a Shower to my Midcentury Bath?

Reaching out to see if any of you have advice on this bathroom. We are needing to add a shower to this bath, as it is our main/kids/guest bath.

We want to keep original sink and tub, of course! Try to match the 50’s wall tile around the shower? Other tile design suggestions or examples?

👉🏻 You can have a Plumer add the pluming from the adjoining room and I think daltile has a yellow close to that you can just finish the rest of the wall in yellow

👉🏻 It looks like the sink faucet and floor tile have already been replaced. You may need to redo all the wall tile to get a seamless look I love the blue and yellow with the black!

👉🏻 The answer is easy, chip out tile and run it up the wall but matching that tile will likely be impossible.

👉🏻 Paint the blue to match the ceramic blue and mimic the white tile on the floor with the wall. Run a black tile outline on the floor with white in the center. Then put the same white tile in the shower

👉🏻 Look for tile to do the job right. It is available, you just have to look at salvage stores, ReStore, and tile shops. Reproduction colors are available. You may have to be a little creative with your tile and introduce a pattern with more black tile. The black tile is available at your local home improvement store. Good luck! It will be so worth it!

👉🏻 I had to do this with my bathroom. I saved enough border tiles to run line to the ground… then found a very similar color 4×6 and subway tiled the shower surround and framed in a similar black border. (Also black and white 2×2 tiled the floor) Be aware that there is probably a thick steel mesh infused mortar layer from hell behind the tile that will require much muscle to remove.

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