Arne Jacobsen: Airplanes, Swans and Eggs.

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If you don’t know it, the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen was entirely designed by the Danish Modern architect Arne Jacobsen in the 1950s and built between the 1958-1960: one year later his famous floor lamp.


The Royal Hotel in Copenhagen

The Royal Hotel was the first design Hotel ever built. Jacobsen designed all the furniture, including the worldwide famous upholstered Egg chair and Swan chair, and details of it.

The building -because of the site and a specific request of the client- had to be a tower and as a consequence with a very geometric shape. The client was the Scandinavian Airlines System -known as SAS Airlines-  that ordered to Jacobsen an hotel in Copenhagen that had to be symbolic of the increase of the jet age.

With its 22 floors, the hotel was the first high building amongst the Danish capital and also the tallest building in Denmark and Scandinavia for a while.

The Danish Modern Interior Decoration

The contrast between the geometric and modular structure of the Jacobsen’s tower and the organic shapes of the Swan and Egg chair in all the common area of the Hotel and rooms, is a clear example of the Danish Modern Jacobsen’s values in design and architecture.

Jacobsen designed the Swan and Egg chair -that become a symbol of the Danish Modern and Mid Century Modern design- for this project and after 50 years they are still contemporary piece of furniture!

Here there’s also a video about the Danish Modern Royal Hotel by Jacobsen that I found on YouTube 😀

Today the only remained room fully decorated with Jacobsen furniture is the #606, even if all around the Hotel there are still many examples of his work.

The Hotel has been recently renovated -to celebrate its 50th birthday- taking in highly consideration the original settings that Jacobsen gave to it

I hope to have the possibility to visit it one day, and the room #606…of course 😉

It is possible to book the #606 but…I don’t know why…I think it would be a little bit expensive 🙂

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