How to Clean Outside Stone Paving?

Our outdoor terrace goes well with our midcentury house and I’d love to keep it and not put in something brand new. But it needs a refresher. I’m worried a pressure cleaner will take away too much of the material in the grooves and make it even more uneven. Does anyone gave any experience with this? Thanks for any tips!

👉🏻 Power wash and then replace any missing filler with fine gravel.

👉🏻 You can set it with decomposed granite after power wash.

👉🏻 Pressure washing will remove a lot of the filler. If the stones were cemented in place, the mortar/grout should be replaced. If it was sand or crushed stone, they now make a Resin Sand that works great! It’s sand that’s combined with a resin material. Broom it into the spaces between the stones, then wet it down to activate the resin, and you’ll have a new fill material that will hold up really well. You can buy it at Home Depot or Lowe’s. Works great!

👉🏻 Get a professional commercial cleaner to use a ‘whirly’ on it. It will come up new and won’t be as harsh as a high pressure wand.I do this for a living,however i’m in Australia.The equipment we use is from the USA so there must be someone local to you who can do it.

👉🏻 I have similar, if not the exact same stone around our entire house. My husband power washes it about one a year. You are correct: it does break apart the mortar, especially in the weaker areas at the edges, which are already weak from walking on. We had some of the mortar replaced last spring when we added to it a tiny bit. Here’s the before power wash & extension.

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