Peculiar Features Aplenty in this Mid-Century House

This mid-century house in Highland Park, Los Angeles, is nothing if not easy on the eye. Built in 1967, it has lately come onto the market having had just one owner in its fifty-year lifespan.

Mid century House in Highland Park hallway

There’s a fair few peculiar features to the home: the lovely overhang above the bath and the bathroom sinks, complete with coloured glass that creates a delightful light effect in the room; the looming fireplace in the large central living area, almost art deco in its gold pattern decoration especially when paired with the triangle pattern on the floor; and the curved window on the upper floor, to name a few.

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Mid century House in Highland Park living room

Mid century House in Highland Park kitchen

Throughout the house there is a preoccupation with patterns, not just in the floor of the main room and the bathroom overhang, also in the landing beneath the stairs with alternating vertical rectangles of polished wood and stone, in the kitchen floor with its parallel diagonal stripes of black, cream and grey, and in the tilework throughout the rest of the house.

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Mid century House in Highland Park bathroom

As it stands the home is in an obvious state of disrepair, having had the same owner since it was built, the home has not changed a great deal since then. Ideally any renovation should keep in mind these idiosyncratic features, ensuring they are allowed to shine once again.

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Mid century House in Highland Park exterior back

Mid century House in Highland Park exterior front

Photos by Richard G. Perez