Richard Neutra’s Scheimer House Will Make You Dream

Richard Neutra’s Scheimer House is another classic of the great mid-century architect’s oeuvre.

Begun before the architect’s death in 1970, the LA-situated mid-century home was completed by Neutra’s son Dion in 1972. Given how beautiful the place is, it will come as no surprise that the home had just one owner until it went on the market for the first time in 2016.

Richard Neutra - Scheimer House - poolRichard Neutra - Scheimer House - entrance

Continuing the trend of other Neutra houses that we have covered, namely the Freedman and Sten-Frenke houses, said owner, Lou Scheimer, was a player in Hollywood, working as an executive producer and founding the animation company Filmation.

Besides its dash of Hollywood class, there are other tell-tale signs of Neutra’s trademark style. For instance, the roof features the same stacked beams which you can see in other Neutra houses, for instance the Rentsch House and the Singleton Residence, both of which we also covered earlier this year.

Richard Neutra - Scheimer House - kitchenRichard Neutra - Scheimer House - living

This roof structure betrays the clear influence of Eastern design on Neutra’s repertoire, with the post and beam constructions echoing traditional Chinese architecture. Besides that, these big chunky beams really show that no expense was spared in the selection of materials.

Speaking of the Singleton Residence, another similarity can be found in the reflecting pool in the garden. In both instances, this has the effect of enhancing the already dazzling views of the landscape beyond. But in the case of the Tarzana house, the pool is much more impressive, and thus the effect is even more emphatic.

Adding even further to these visuals, the central living area has huge, floor-to-ceiling windows looking out onto the pool, running on a horizontal xis and spanning the entirety of one side of the room. It makes for quite the spectacular display.

All this is capped off by some really choice interior design. Most notable in this regard is the mid-century modern furniture. To take a few examples, the dining table, is a really nice, simple design reminiscent of the early Danish modern style.

Richard Neutra - Scheimer House - outsideRichard Neutra - Scheimer House - outside

Meanwhile, continuing the Danish theme, this table is surrounded by a series of Panton chairs. The famous chair, in which back, seat and legs are produced from a continuous piece of moulded plastic, was originally designed by Danish furniture designer Verner Panton. It is considered a masterpiece of the Danish style.

Naturally, we’re very envious of the person who ended up owning this mid-century modern house.



Richard Neutra - Scheimer House - front

Photos via Plastolux