What can I add to my front yard?

Photo Steve Valdez

What do you think I can add to make my yard pop?

👉🏻 Some birds of paradise and maybe a short fan style palm.

👉🏻 A line of narrow deciduous trees.

👉🏻 A few palm trees, such as roebelenii’s would look great in front of the stone work, and give the space more dimension. More/larger foundation plant, under the windows.

👉🏻 Focal plant between the two windows on the right side of house?

👉🏻 Could use some taller greenery- I’d say topiary if you are up for the task & maintenance or snake plants, something along those lines. Definitely need to tilt the floods downward more, they look a bit overpowering shining right on the upper portion of the house. Love that bold orange entry!

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