Subtle Minimalism pervades Tim Cuppett Architects’ River Road House

Tim Cuppett Architects’ River Road House is an exercise in simplicity. A modern take on the mid-century style, it is located in Austin, Texas, where the firm itself is based. The firm’s design represents such a lovely overall composition the first important question to ask is: where to start?

mid-century modern house renovation by Cuppett Architects - exterior

River Road House - Cuppett Architects - entrance
The living area is a perfect balance of idiosyncrasy and subtlety. An assortment of windows, rectangles in different sizes, bathe the room in light.

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A Persian rug covers much of the simple grey marble floor, with its slight faded quality avoiding its impressively intricate design overpowering the rest of the room’s composition, instead harmonising with the light browns and reds of the furniture, the fireplace brick and the wood grill wall.

Copper architects mid entury inspired modern home

The aforementioned grey stone floor carries on throughout the residence, as with the living area, it accords seamlessly with the subtle, somewhat muted tones of the light brown polished wood that also crops up throughout.

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This mutedness is interrupted by occasional and very welcome shocks of bright primary colour. This is perhaps most notable in the yellow door in the centre of the house and also in the deep blue rug on which a small dining table sits.

River Road House - Cuppett Architects

The exterior of the house is also brilliant for being so understated. From the front, the black roof extends at a shallow incline to cover the entirety of the interior space, with a smaller conservatory also extending at the same angle.

The front wall is only marked by two plain, black-framed windows, the front door and a window tucked into to cover the higher main living space.

River Road House - Cuppett Architects - dining area

This might seem insufficient, but the way these features have been arranged is a quite instructive example of minimalist design, with the emphasis on arrangement of the sparse elements.

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River Road House - Cuppett Architects - kitchen

River Road House - Cuppett Architects - exterior back

Photos via Cuppett architects