The best Mid-century Modern homes ever built

A Mid-Century, White, Palm Springs Oasis

John Porter Palm Springs mid-century exterior

Another week, another desert modernist delight from Palm Springs. This time, it’s a house from John Porter Clark, an architect who was active in the area during the real sweet …

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The Rose House is Richard Neutra With The Lights Turned Up

Richard Neutra Rose House living room exterior view

This dazzling mid-century home is like Neutra’s Singleton Residence with the lights turned up. Located on the outskirts of Los Angeles, it was originally built by architects Conrad Buff, Dennis …

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A Mid-Century Modern Renovation in Beachwood Canyon, LA

Mid Century house in Beachwood Canyon

This house in Beachwood Canyon, LA showcases a smart contemporary renovation of an original mid-century design. There is nothing that seriously stands out about the property from the exterior. Decorated …

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This Mid-Century Home in Miami is a Tropical Modern Gem

Darrell Fleeger mid-century house miami outside pool

Mark’s striking house is a beautiful example of tropical modernism, a style which emerged from South Florida in the 1950s. Designed by architect Darrell Fleeger in the early 1960s, the …

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5 Mid-Century Homes Ready For a Sunset Party

Swimming pool of Mid-century house in Rancho Mirage by E. Stewart Williams

Close your eyes and imagine the quintessential mid-century modern house setting, chances are it’s a classy evening get together between the owners and their friends, with guests spilling out from the …

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A Mid-Century Inspired Renovation in San Diego

Saarinen and Living Room

Daniel’s passion for mid-century modern houses began the same way it has for many others: gazing transfixed at a photo of the Eames lounge chair. The early encounter has led …

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Comedian Tim Ross Shows his Mid-Century House in Sydney

Tim Ross mid-century house australia facade

Tim Ross is a brilliant comedian who loves mid-century modern design and Modernist architecture. He loves mid-century so much to come up with a show staging in different Australian homes: “Man About The House”. …

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5 Mid-Century Houses With Interiors to Die For

Rancho Mirage E. Stewart Williams

In terms of style, these interiors are quite different. No surprise given the homes range from an E. Stewart Williams house in the desert climate of Palm Springs, to a …

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This Modernist House is a Symphony of Polished Wood

Modernism by Alfred Browning Parker entrance

Few houses have a more appropriate name than “Woodsong”. Located in Coconut Grove, Florida, it was built in 1968 by the architect Alfred Browning Parker. Built to surround the palm …

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Richard Neutra’s Transparent Singleton Residence

Richard Neutra Singleton Residence garden pond view

You can see right through Richard Neutra’s Singleton Residence. Albeit, not from every angle. But from several vantage-points the design makes a good claim to being transparent. While such transparency is …

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Harry Seidler’s Gissing House is a Feast for the Eyes

Harry Seidler Gissing House living room

The exterior of Harry Seidler’s Gissing House is unashamedly raw. Located in Wahroonga, New South Wales, Australia, it was originally built by Harry Seidler and Associates in 1972 for Janet Gissing …

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Villa Tugendhat is All About The Elegance of Mies Van Der Rohe

Villa Tugendhat Ludwig Mies van der Rohe interior living room

In American Psycho, protagonist Patrick Bateman’s cold personality is mirrored in the interior decoration of his apartment, which centres on a series of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona Chairs. …

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A Mid-Century Australian Home Gets a Makeover

Mid Century at Pearl Beach by Brian Mazlin outside front

This original 1963 home is a dreamy modern beachside retreat. Built by Brian Mazlin in 1963 and situated in Pearl Beach, New South Wales, Australia, it has lately undergone a …

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Donald Wexler’s home still shines in Palm Springs

donald wexler house in palm springs front night

This home perfectly demonstrates Donald Wexler’s sustained impact on the architecture of Palm Springs. Having originally designed the house in 1960, for himself and his family, Wexler returned to oversee …

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Frank Lloyd Wright in Arizona: the Norman Lykes House

Frank Lloyd Wright Norman Lykes home far view

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Norman Lykes House is an excellent example of the architect’s technical prowess. Situated in Phoenix, Arizona, it was designed by the architect in 1959 for Norman and …

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Mid-century Modernist Home in Palm Springs by Stan Sackley

Stan Sackley Palm springs mid century home exterior swimming pool

Given its centrality to mid-century modern, it’s perhaps no surprise that we’ve covered a few houses in Palm Springs lately. But having referenced some of the core figures—namely, William F. …

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Gray Organaschi bring Cosiness to a New Haven Cottage

New Haven Cottage living room garden view daylight

This newly rebuilt cottage is quite the cosy concern. Located in New Haven Connecticut and serving as guest house on the property of retired couple Suzanne and Brooks Kelley, it …

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A Recent Update Makes this Eichler House Even Better

For an original Eichler this home looks remarkably new, and remarkably unique. Property of Usha and Mike Kreaden and situated in Sunnyvale, California, it was completed in 1958. It could …

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Mid-Century Modernism: A Remarkable Transformation

racquet club estates - palm springs - william krisel house exterior - darren bradley

Modern Mailbox for MidCenturyHome Cover-photo by Darren Bradley. Sometimes when covering example after example of the mid-century house, it seems apt to take stock and consider what a remarkable transformation occurred …

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This Mid-Century House is a Treat for the Eyes

James E Hurley Jenkins House interior living room

What a view this James E Hurley-designed house was built for the Jenkins family in 1961 it is a classic “post-n-beam” structure. The whole house is oriented around the landscape. …

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Mid-Century Modern Meets Postmodernism in the Driffield House

Mid Century postmodernist house Suzanne Dance Australia

Driffield House is nothing if not interesting. Designed by Suzanne Dance and situated in in Arthur’s Seat, Victoria, Australia. Previous coverage has described the style as mid-century, but it’s a …

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A Mid-Century Residence Gets a Second Chance

mid century houston Hollow Glen Lane

2 Hollow Glen Lane has quite a story behind it. Situated in the woods of Houston Texas, the home was originally built by architect Loyl “Leon” Lee as his and …

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The Ken McLeod Residence In Claremont, California.

The Ken McLeod Residence

There are several quite striking features to Ken McLeod’s residence that mark it out as an architect’s personal home. Built in 1954 and situated in Claremont, California, the property is …

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Beautifully-Landscaped House Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright

Mid Century Robert Green in Atlanta

This house in Atlanta, Georgia, is all about the landscaping and the materials. Originally designed by Robert Green, it is, like the recently-covered Anderson Residence, clearly inspired by Frank Lloyd …

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Rentsch House by Richard Neutra: Swiss Monumentality

Rentsch House by Richard Neutra

The Rentsch House cuts quite a modest shape from the entrance-side. A set of gradual steps quietly curve towards the door, nothing too flashy. Designed by hugely influential modernist architect Richard …

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3 Eichler Renovations that Will Leave You Speechless


Joseph Eichler was one of the most important figures in the development of mid-century modernism. As developer of many thousands of homes, he worked with architects such as Robert Anshen …

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5 Contemporary Houses With a Strong Modernist Inspiration

modern homes - v4 house studio mk27

Despite its name, the mid-century modern style is not confined to a particular period. Its originators’ penchant for clean, elegant design, focused on quality materials and functionality is something that …

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Long Dune by Hammer Architects – Danish Simplicity

Long Dune residence by Hammer Architects

The elegant simplicity of Danish modern design is everywhere to see in the Long Dune Residence. Designed by Hammer Architects, and completed in 2014, the house is situated in Truro, …

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Frank Lloyd Wright’s Cooke House, Started with a Letter

Frank Lloyd Wright's Cooke House _660x330

The Cooke House was among the last houses designed by legendary modernist architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Wright set to work designing the house, in 1953. Construction eventually began in 1959, …

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Donald Wexler’s Smith Residence – Desert Modernism

Donald Wexler's Smith Residence exterior pool view

The Smith Residence is a shining example of architect Donald Wexler’s desert modernism. Situated in Palm Springs, California, Unites States, and completed in 1964, it is one of a number …

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Silicon House by Selgas Cano – Deceptive Urbanity

The Silicon House by architects Selgas Cano is deceptively urban. Both surrounded by and covered in trees and plant life, you would be forgiven for thinking it was a stylish …

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Jørn Utzon’s “Bright House” – Subtle Danish Modern

Jørn Utzon Bright House - Subtle Danish Modern

Jørn Utzon’s “Bright House” is a paragon of Danish design. Located in sleepy Harpenden (Hertfordshire, England), and completed in 1963, the single-floor house was originally built for Utzon’s friend and …

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Kate’s House by Bower Architects: Love at First Sight

Kate's House : Bower Architecture_660x330

As the name suggests, “Kate’s House” has the homeowner’s spirit at its core. Located in St. Kilda East, Melbourne, Australia, the current building features an extension by Bower Architects, who …

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Robert Earl’s Bel-Air Residence: Hilltop Seclusion

Robert Earl’s Bel-Air Residence – Hilltop Seclusion_660X330

For an LA-based builder of celebrity houses, information on Robert L. Earl is peculiarly elusive. This architect has managed to establish himself as an architect to the stars while also …

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Harnessing Australia’s Landscapez: Peter Muller’s Bynya House

Bynya House by Peter Muller

Adelaide-born architect Peter Muller had a deep concern for place, especially as it pertained to his native Australian landscape. One of the country’s most highly regarded living architects, Muller designed …

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Militantly Minimal Modernism: Sarah Waller’s Doonan Glass House

Sarah Waller's Glass House

Sarah Waller’s Doonan Glass House is a militantly minimal take on the modernist design repertoire. Completed in 2015, and situated in Noosa Heads, Queensland, Australia, the house takes substantial inspiration …

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Pre-War Modernism: “The Homewood” by Patrick Gwynne

A Modernist Masterpiece by Patrick Gywnne

“The Homewood” was the first major project of British modernist architect Patrick Gwynne, built for his family on their estate in Esher, Surrey, England. Completed in 1938, it is a …

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Herman Miller Furniture abounds in this George Nelson Home

Beautifully Restored George Nelson Home

The Kalamazoo, Michigan house built for James and Sally Kirkpatrick between 1955 and 1958 is a furniture enthusiast’s dream. Indeed, while it would be unfair to downplay the beautiful design …

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Mid-century Meets the Concrete Block: Fringe Architects

Concrete House Architect: Fringe Architects

Fringe Architects’ “Concrete House” sets out to capture the spirit of architect Iwan Iwanoff, (1919-1986) an architect who carried out most of his work in Perth, Australia. Also situated in …

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Mid-Century Modern on the Cusp: the Bendit House

Bendit House

Completed in 1952, a year before the influential “Design in Scandinavia” exhibition, the Bendit House offers an interesting glimpse of mid-century design on the cusp of taking off in America. …

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Richard Neutra’s Sten-Frenke House: A Foray into Glamour

richard neutra sten-frenke-house

The early 1930s proved a dazzling time for Richard Neutra. The decade began with the architect receiving widespread acclaim following the completion of his path-breaking Lovell Health House in 1929. …

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Herbst Architects: A Beach-Side Retreat in Red and Brown

Modern Beach House by Herbst Architects

Bethells Beach, or Te Henga, to give it its proper Māori name (translated as sand), is a coastal community situated approximately 30 kilometres west of Auckland City, at the mouth …

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Eichler Home, a Dream Come True for Amanda

Amanda Eichler - Modern MailBox

Modern Mailbox for MidCenturyHome Moving into an Eichler home last year was a dream come true for Amanda. With a third child on the way, her and her husband needed to …

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Baldridge Architects: Mid-Century Amid Historical Austin

Mohle House by Baldridge Architects

It is sometimes difficult to have a modernist house really integrate with its surroundings, especially given that the overwhelming majority of houses must be built near other structures which do …

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The Olnick Spanu House: A Tribute to Modernism

Glass house - olnick-spanu-house

The Olnick Spanu House resides in an environment of conspicuous calm. Completed in 2008 by the architect Alberto Cambo Baeza, its principal view offers a panoramic scene of the Hudson …

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Richard Neutra’s Sublime Ebelin Bucerius House

Richard Neutra’s Ebelin Bucerius House

The modernist preoccupation with how the home communicates with its context is typically aimed at conveying man’s affinity with nature, with the modernist homes represented most often, including on this …

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Felipe Hess Combines Modern and Modernism

Felipe_Hess - apartamento jardinss

This apartment located in the Jardins neighbourhood, São Paulo, is characterised by a very clean and well distributed plant. With a total area of 190m², the project was designed by the architect …

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The Paul Hayden Kirk House in Bellevue


This house in Bellevue WA, was designed by architect Paul Hayden Kirk in 1955. Kirk worked under many architects, some of which included Floyd Naramore, A.M. Young, B. Dudley Stuart, and …

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Jens Risom’s Family Retreat Was Ahead of its Time


Last week, on 10 December, prominent Danish-American furniture designer Jens Risom sadly passed away at his home in New Canaan, Connecticut at the age of 100. Alongside his groundbreaking furniture …

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Modernism Re-Mixed by Architect Roberto Benito


Architect Roberto Benito’s is one the most relevant architects of the 2000s in Argentina where this project also sits, in the architect hometown San Francisco—a town with a population of a little …

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The H.P. Davis Rockwell Glass House

Davis Rockwell House_

Architect H.P. Davis Rockwell is a 1949 graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s of Science Industrial Relations. He went on to earn a Bachelor’s of Architecture …

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Building Lab architects renovate an Eichler in Marinwood, CA


Founded in 2001, Building Lab is an architectural firm dedicated to a comprehensive approach to the processes of building and design. The firm’s founder Stephen Shoup, who studied architecture at …

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Seamless Modernism in Palm Springs: William F. Cody

William Cody Modernism in Palm Springs

The legendary mid-century architect William F. Cody was a difficult man to pigeonhole. There exist few buildings that could really explain his style and many of his larger scale projects …

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Frank Lloyd Wright’s SC Johnson Wax Complex and Research Tower

frank lloyd wright - SC Johnson- campus and tower

A decade after finishing the SC Johnson Administration building in Racine, Wisconsin, Frank Lloyd Wright started the construction of the Research and Development Tower. The 1950s building for SC Johnson was the …

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Frank Lloyd Wright Homes: The Charles Ennis House

frank lloyd wright - ennis house

The Charles Ennis House is a spectacular design of world-renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Built for Mabel and Charles Ennis in 1924, this Modernist house sits over the city of Los …

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Frank Lloyd Wright’s Price Company Tower

frank lloyd wright - Price Company Tower

Architect Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959) was one of the word’s most renowned of the 20th century in his profession, he designed over 1,000 structures, but the Price Company Tower in …

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The Authentic Don Draper Was Architect Craig Ellwood

craig ellwood -malibu house

This Mid-century house in Malibu was designed by Craig Ellwood, together with Jerrold E. Lomax, in 1956. No other Californian architect designed an amount of projects of such consistent quality …

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A Modern Glass House in Australia: Wirra Willa Pavilion

modern glass house australia Wirra Willa Pavilion

This modern glass house inspired to the Ludwig Mies van der Rohe architectural style, is a retreat in New South Wales’s rolling hills, about one hour’s drive north of Sydney, Australia. Matthew Woodward’s …

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A Modern House in Mexico by TAL Architects: Casa GO


At Mid-Century Home we not only like Mid-century Modern houses designed and built in the nineteenth century, but also modern houses designed today with a Modernist inspiration. The GO is a …

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A Frank Lloyd Wright Usonian Home, the Zimmerman House


The Frank Lloyd Wright‘s Zimmerman House, completed in 1952, is what the architect described as a Usonian Homes. The term describes his vision for the American landscape, incorporating both architecture …

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The Winged House by K2LD Architects


Singapore’s light and airy Winged House, designed by K2LD Architects, makes the most of its unusual – and potentially challenging – triangular plot with its innovative and visually arresting shape. …

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A Mid-Century Modern Gem in Sarasota

andrew weaving house - Gene Leedy - sarasota

Andrew Weaving is a successful author specialising in Mid-century Modern architecture and design. He has written several titles on the subject – ‘Modern Retro’, ‘Sarasota Modern’ and ‘Living Retro’ to …

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Raphael Soriano’s Shulman House and Studio

Julius Shulman-Home-and-Studio-Raphael-Soriano

Born in Rhodes in 1904, Raphael Soriano subsequently moved to the United States in 1924, which was where he went on to help define the Mid-century Modern period of architecture, …

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Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fawcett House, Los Banos, CA


 The Fawcett house is one of the best examples of Frank Lloyd Wright’s unconventional approach to design. For Wright, architecture was a great living spirit from which generation to generation, …

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Frank Lloyd Wright’s Masterpiece, Fallingwater


Fallingwater First Floor Plan Fallingwater Second Floor Plan Fallingwater Third Floor Plan Fallingwater Guest First Floor Plan Fallingwater Guest Second Floor Plan Frank Lloyd Wright devoted his life to Organic Architecture, the space within. Following …

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John Lautner, The Wolff Residence


John Lautner was famous for designing vibrant and full of life houses. Many of his buildings (the Elrod House and Goldstein Residence above them all) were included in famous movies, music videos and …

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Casa Viejo by Architect Mathias Klotz

casa viejo - mathias klotz

Built in Santiago, Chile, on a site where a 1950s house was, the Viejo House designed by architect Mathias Klotz, has a built area of 700 square meters. This family house …

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The Frank Lloyd Wright Imperial Hotel in Tokyo

frank lloyd wright - imperial hotel

Frank Lloyd Wright designed over a thousand different structures during his lifespan, the majority of which were houses. He was a domestic architect and believed he could have greater impact if he designed structures where …

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A Time Capsule in Adelaide. The Robin Boyd Walkey Residence


Robin Boyd was an internationally acclaimed, visionary Australian architect, writer, educator and social critic. Born in Melbourne in 1919, he was part of a very creative and influential family including …

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The Glass House: Mies van der Rohe’s Farnsworth House

farnsworth house - mies van der rohe

Mies van der Rohe’s Farnsworth House is one of the most iconic buildings in the history of Modernist architecture. Designed in 1945 and built in 1951 for the successful Chicago doctor …

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A Three House Effect for TAL Architects’ Casa Tláloc

casa TLALOC - TAL architects

The Madero Franco house, also known as Casa Tláloc which almost always is associated with mountaintop shrines and life-giving rain in Aztec culture, is most appropriately named for it is …

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Before and After: Karen, John and their Eichler Home

Karen Eichler Walnut Creek

Karen and John are two Mid-century Modern architecture enthusiasts. They sold their house and went on a mission to find the perfect Eichler to renovate with their bare hands. It is …

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6 Palmer and Krisel Houses in Palm Springs

Architects Palmer and Krisel run one of the most prolific American architecture firms of the 50s and 60s. In the early 50’s, they worked mostly on commercial projects and designed custom homes …

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5 John Lautner Houses That Are All About Freedom

lautner goldstein residence

John Lautner, was one of the most influential architects from the Mid-century modern period. Some of his projects became architecture and pop icons as the Goldstein Residence, the Chemosphere and the Elrod House: which well represent his …

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Australian Modernism. Harry Seidler’s Thurlow House


Modernism is a term used to describe a movement in architecture that started in the mid 1930’s. Modernist architecture is sleek, sexy, it’s flat roofs, sloped roofs and glass towers, steel frames …

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6 Revolutionary Mid-Century Houses With a Flat Roof

Mohle House by Baldridge Architects

Modernist architecture is all about breaking the rules and disrupting the traditional approach to design and building. Probably the most revolutionary element of the Modernist houses designed by architects like …

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Eichler Renovation in Palo Alto by Bellomo Architects


The Joseph Bellomo Architects Inc, is an architectural design bureau that offers design solutions to projects such as mixed use, residential, modular housing, commercial and urban planning which received the …

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2 Men, 1 Dream: Joseph Eichler and Frank Lloyd Wright

wright - eichler portrait

A house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright had the innate capability to transform people. The structure, the light, the audible and sensible qualities and the different use of material.  It …

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Frank Lloyd Wright’s Unity Temple: Holy Concrete


It was during the first decade of a new century that a young architect named Frank Lloyd Wright harboured a vision of a new American building that would dispense with …

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Frank Lloyd Wright’s La Miniatura, The Millard House


Frank Lloyd Wright built the Millard House (La Miniatura) in Pasadena, California, after experiencing the use of concrete with the Unity temple in Illinois. But he was dissatisfied with it as a construction material. Frank …

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A Modern Castle by John Lautner, The Schwimmer House


The beautiful Schwimmer House is created from the Modernism architectural mind of John Lautner and is located in Beverly Hills, California. Lautner was an influential and inspirational architect and was …

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6 Mid-Century Houses With Cozy Wood-Panelled Living Rooms

Wood-panelled living rooms were a distinctive element of many Mid-century modern houses. Today they are coming back for contemporary interiors too. From Frank Lloyd Wright to John Lautner, today we selected six …

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K2LD Architects. A Dream Within A Dream

k2ld architects - house at nim crescent

Completed in Singapore 2002, the Nim Crescent house was designed by the K2LD Architects and displays an open garden to create a clear separation of functions without the conventional use …

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Anshen and Allen, The Duo That Put Joseph Eichler On The Map

Anshen and Allen - Eichler home - Orange County

While studying at the University of Pennsylvania, both Bob Anshen and Steve Allen received a travelling fellowship to study in San Francisco after graduating. This is how their relationship began …

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Karolina Is In Love with Her Eichler Home

karolina Buchner eichler house

Eichler Homes are special, as their owners. Karolina is one of them and today will show us the one she fell in love with and is carefully renovating with her …

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John Lautner’s Elrod House: Free-Architecture

American architect John Lautner designed the Elrod House in 1968. The Elrod House is an example of Lautner’s so-called free architecture designs, where nature and architecture are fused into one element. When …

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5 Stunning Richard Neutra’s Houses


Richard Neutra is considered by many the father of Californian Modernism. This is an architectural style generated by the evolution of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Modernist legacy, based on open floor plans …

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A Richard Neutra Gem In The Woods. The Pitcairn House


Richard Neutra‘s Pitcairn House is a very private, hidden masterpiece set on 10 conserved acres. Surrounding the property is the Pennypack Preserve, a nature conservancy with 812 acres of trails …

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A Beautifully Restored A. Quincy Jones House in Los Angeles

The Schneidman House - A. Quincy Jones. - Crestwood Hills Los Angeles - 1948

Not a long time ago we told you about architect Cory Buckner, a mid-century architecture expert, and her commitment to preserving a beautiful mid-century neighborhood in Los Angeles: Crestwood Hills. Today we bring you the story of one …

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5 Night-Time Views of Mid Century Modern Homes


Even if these stunning Mid-century houses already look great on daylight, but they are even more spectacular at night/sunset. Enjoy! Frank Lloyd Wright’s Marden House Connection with the outside and small …

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3 Frank Lloyd Wright’s Usonian Houses We Love


Frank Lloyd Wright was unquestionably the father of American Modernism. His focus on connecting the outside nature with the inside is for example clear in the Fallingwater, or Kaufmann Residence, that …

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Eero Saarinen. The Miller House.

saarinen miller house

Model used by Saarinen during the design process. Eero Saarinen‘s Miller House is located in Columbus, Indiana. The residence was entrusted by the industrialist and architecture benefactor Irwin Miller and his …

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Klopf Architecture. Double Gable Eichler Home Remodel

                    We’ve already hosted one stunning Eichler Home remodel by Klopf Architecture. The architects design style is rooted in the culture, aesthetic, and climate …

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Frank Lloyd Wright’s ‘Dream House’: The Schwartz House

The Schwartz House was part of Frank Lloyd Wright’s effort to affirm a new, original American architectural style with no reference to the past: the ‘Usonian’ style. The house was originally designed …

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Robin Boyd’s Walsh Street House in Melbourne

A household name in and around Victoria Australia, Robin Boyd became famous for his promotion of inexpensive prefabricated homes that incorporated Australian Modernist Architecture. He was the director of the …

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Modernist Inspired Desert House in California

One of the reasons why Modernist architecture is still contemporary after over 60 years is its legacy. Today’s architects find inspiration in the Modernist principles of connecting with nature while respecting …

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A Remodeled Eichler in Palo Alto by Klopf Architecture

In 2014, Klopf Architecture, Arterra Landscape Architects and Flegels Construction completed their remodeling of a classic open, indoor-outdoor Eichler home, which can be found in Palo Alto, CA, epitomizes Joseph …

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How You Can Visit The Frank Lloyd Wright Buehler House

At the dawn of the 20th century, American architecture was a melting pot of styles, often inspired by European trends and leitmotifs. But Frank Lloyd Wright, whose career was about to …

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Richard Neutra’s Pescher House. Wuppertal, Germany.

    One of the famous and celebrated architects of the 20th Century is Richard Neutra, known for his design contributions in mid-century modern Californian architecture. The Austrian-native architect had …

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3 Mid-Century Homes You Can Visit In Los Angeles

As anyone with an appreciation for great architecture knows, photographs, no matter how stunning, only tell part of the story. To truly appreciate a great building you have to experience …

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Ray Kappe Welcomes Us In His House

Ray Kappe is one of our favourite architects. With his projects he perfectly represented the Modernists philosophy and built some of the most beautiful Californian houses, including his own: the Ray Kappe residence. Below …

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The John Lautner Garcia House

At first glance, the John Lautner Garcia house appears to be fairly simple with regards to its conceptual design. To the untrained eye, one can simply see an overarching roof …

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The Harrison Townhouse by 1100 Architect

harrison street townhouse - 1100 architect

By the turn of the twentieth century elegant townhouses around Harrison Street and Washington Street in New York, were turned into businesses, ripping out beautiful parlor floors and replacing them …

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The Charles Eames De Pree House

No stranger to modern design, Max De Pree was the chairman of the Herman Miller Furniture Company, a firm which, founded by De Pree’s father, began championing modern design in …

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The “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” Rose House

The Rose house was designed by architect  James Speyer in 1953, is a stunning example of Californian Modernist architecture and part of the history of Hollywood as well. Read the transcript of …

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6 Modernist Pools, Great For a Party

This side of the hemisphere, spring has sprung and soon it will be time for outdoor parties and al fresco drinks. Pool parties, of course, are the long-time favourite and Modernist architects …

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Buff And Hensman, the Andrews Residence

Even though architects Buff and Hensman were known for their single-level house designs made of poles and beams, for the Andrews house they choose a townhouse concept instead. The Andrews asked for privacy, so the architects …

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A Mid-Century Vibe For The Atrium House by Hfs d

This house, designed by Hfs d, has definitely a Mid-century modern vibe. Details as the flat roof or the floor to ceiling glass windows remind of a 1950s aesthetic. The living …

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The Frank Lloyd Wright Marden House

frank lloyd wright Marden House

Frank Lloyd Wright designed the Marden House in 1952 for Luis Marden, an acclaimed National Geographic photographer, and his wife Ethel. The Marden House is made of cinder blocks and features a …

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5 Mid-Century House Atriums Perfect to Relax

A common feature to many Mid-century Modern houses, is the atrium. The atrium is a large space within a house, often covered  by a glass roof that provides light and adds an extra …

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The Craig Ellwood Bobertz Residence: a Man And His House

With no formal training in architecture, design or landscape solutions, Keith York(the current owner of the Craig Ellwood Bobertz house) never foresaw becoming a devoted proponent of all three in …

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Mid-Century Desert House in Palm Springs

This Palm Springs mid-century desert house was built by architects Wexler & Harrison in 1954. Its main characteristic, aligned with the modernist Californian style, is the lack of boundaries between …

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The First New Eichler in 40 Years

If you have read the interview to our friend and Eichlers expert Monique Lombardelli, you will remember that she was working on building new Eichlers based on original plans. Well, she made …

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A Quincy Jones House With a View

We found this stunning A. Quincy Jones designed house in Bel Air, Los Angeles and immediately fall for it. The house was built in 1965 and has 300 degree views from Los Angeles to the …

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A Mid-Century Modern Love Story in Portland

portland mid century modern house carport

Jennifer and Mattias are the owners of this house. They decided to settle their family in Portland after many years of traveling. Matias is a Swedish designer and photographer that …

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Raymond Kappe: The Kappe Residence

Kappe Residence - Julius Shulman

In the early 1950s, Raymond Kappe worked with Carl Maston and learned to combine wood with a strong sense of structure. These principles are clearly reflected in his family house built on a steep canyon …

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Mid-Century Modern Australian Homes: Harry Seidler’s Rose House

mid century modern architecture - harry seidler - rose house

Harry Seidler’s Rose House is the first and probably most known work of architect Harry Seidler. This great example of Mid-century Modern Australian architecture was built close to Sydney and had very special clients, Seidler’s parents. Two …

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A Mid-Century Modern Cabin Renovation in Long Island

When in 2007 the Fisher family decided that was time to renovate their Mid-century Modern cabin, they went for a respectful, low budget and highly space efficient approach. The architect carefully listened to their needs …

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Raphael Soriano: The Colby Apartments

For this project, Raphael Soriano chose the steel frame layout of his Case Study House successfully bringing the relaxed and modern way of living of  mid century modern houses in a apartment …

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Grimwade House: McGlashan and Everist Studio

I always say that you guys are the best! In fact I found this house thanks to one of you that follows Mid Century Home on Facebook -Itsso Retro- and I …

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A Collector’s Always Changing Loft in Paris

As the last house I showed you few days ago, also today’s apartment is spacious, bright and furnished with amazing European mid century modern design pieces. It is located where …

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Art And Mid Century Or Mid Century Art?

As I wrote already a couple of weeks ago, this month I’m dedicating special posts to special houses owned by very special persons: collectors of mid century modern art/design.

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A Flemish House With A Mid Century Flavor

This ancient Belgium manor house near Brussels was built in the early sixteenth century. It has all the characteristics that a mid century modern house would have: clean, simple lines, glass walls …

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A Mid Century Modern House in Melbourne

mid-century modernist house in Melbourne

Darren lives in a beautiful mid-century house in Melbourne. The house is a vivid example of Australian mid-century Modernism and is carefully furnished with mid-century designs collected with love and passion. MCH: Hi Darren, …

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The Briggs Residence: An Indoor-Outdoor Living Space

The main priority of the architect Richard Dorman for the Briggs Residence project, was to create a liveable indoor-outdoor space for a family of six. The outside family play area was …

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Ricardo’s Mid Century Modern Inspired Studio in LA

It is true that living in a city like Los Angeles -where mid century modern design and modernist architecture basically were born- helps to make your house the perfect place …

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Mid Century Modern in Havana

If we think to mid century modern architecture or interiors our mind probably first goes to western locations as California or North Europe, but I think it is interesting to see how …

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The Borge Mogensen Home.

Today I’ll show you a very special house, the famous Danish designer Borge Mogensen home. The house is, of course, filled of pieces that Mogensen designed -as the Spanish chairs, Hunt seat, J39-chair …

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The House of Art: Felipe Hess.

Space and art are the keywords for this apartment in San Paolo designed by Felipe Hess. The owners are a mature couple that needed an open space where welcome friends …

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A Modern Retro Loft in Madrid.

The couple owning this modern retro loft in Madrid did an amazing job. The mix of art, mid-century modern furniture and playful objects is remarkable. If I have to pick a spot, …

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A Mid-Century Inspired Bungalow

I like how the owners of this mid-century inspired bungalow in the Hampshire furnished it. The colors and materials perfectly match. I like how the sloping ceiling creates geometries in …

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A Mid-Century House Tour

So far I resisted but now I can’t anymore…I have to share with you all the beautiful mid-century houses I stumble upon the internet! I wanted to keep a more …

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Alvar Aalto: The Mid-Century Villa Kokkonen

After the Villa Mairea -that I published few weeks ago- today I wanna share with you another house that Aalto designed in Finland: Villa Kokkonen. The Mid-Century Villa Kokkonen was designed …

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A Modern Mid-Century House in Sweden

Some time ago I shared a Mid-Century/Art-Deco/Classic house in Malmö, Sweden. Today, it’s time to come back to Malmö for another stunning house. 😀 (pics via Bolaget) What I really like in …

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Marcel Breuer: The Friedman House

Marcel Breuer The Hungarian architect and designer Marcel Breuer has been one of the most important and influential architects and designers of the 30s-50s. Breuer studied and, later, taught at the …

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Mid Century House Tour from London: After and Before

This house tour is a little bit more inspiring than usual: double inspiring 😉 The actual owner Beth, with her boyfriend, is the daughter of the previous owners This house has been published …

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