What Color Shall I Paint The Exterior of my 1959 House?

My 1959 midcentury home had been updated and sold by a flipper so there’s not much of the mcm charm left on the inside. We are hoping to change that through decor and renovations.

I like the green yellow combo exterior colors but the shades feel off to me. I’d like to paint the door a more yellow-orange so it’ll pop more. Not sure about the house exterior. Any suggestions?

👉🏻 I’d go with a more vivid green but green is my favorite color so I’m biased. Not sure what I’d do with front door.

👉🏻 Colors should be last. Especially the outside colors are actually nice. Work on interior remodeling if you are able to, tackle one room at a time. Since you mentioned you’d like to bring back the original charm. Many mediocre flippers turn these gems into a white wash mess. Good luck!

👉🏻 I agree with you that the shades seem off. The yellow is so bright compared to the muted green. BUT it looks nice and it’s expensive to paint a house so concentrate on the inside first. You live with that more hours of the day than you do the exterior. It’ll give you time to think it over too.

👉🏻  I like the green exterior color and would not probably change it if it was mine. My mid century house is also painted green…more of a soft avocado green, with the original red brick and also ledger stone accents. I don’t mind it at all. A family before me did a huge renovation, mostly in keeping with a mid century vibe, but the kitchen is anything but mid century. I am hoping to change that some day. I have lived in my house about three years, and I am glad I didn’t jump into anything too quickly, as the things that bother me most after living here a while, are not what bothered me at first. Take your time, see how the house functions for you and go from there.

👉🏻 I think the green base is reminiscent of midcentury modern and would change the front door color. Love your home!

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