Exhibition: The Italian Design from 60s and 70s

Some time ago, I was lucky enough to be in the right place in the right moment…but with only my cheap old iphone camera 🙁

The right place was an exhibition about vintage italian design objects and products from the 60s and 70s

It was a lot of fun to see some old soap box that my mom used 20 years ago, the 45 record player that I used when I was a child or the amazing Polaroid in many different versions from the 70s on!

Talking about Polaroid, I recently fell in love again with it -I’ll tell you soon in another post why ;)- and I’m planning to use the two cameras I’ve for some special pics! I also found out about an interesting project about old Polaroid films called The Impossible Project, that I really advice you to check!

Going back to the exhibition, I saw great products from all the best Italian 60s designers like Castiglioni, Sottsass, Zanuso, Sapper and many others.

Even if the mid-century Italian furniture and designers are not so famous as the American ones, from the 60s on we excelled in the new plastics manufacturing with many worldwide famous products…some of them are in this gallery.

I thought it was nice to share with you this small part of my, and many other italians, past.

So, let me know if you recognize any of this objects, I’m curious! 🙂

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Sorry again fot he poor quality of the pics.