Has Anyone Purchased a Malm Fireplace Without an Existing Chimney?

Has anyone purchased and installed a Malm fireplace without an existing chimney? We can’t tap into an existing chimney, would it be possible for us to install one somewhere in the house and install a way to exhaust it?

We’d love to have one in our living or family room. Trying to understand if it’s an option and if so, what’s the best way to go about it. Any ideas welcome!

👉🏻 Yes that’s possible, check google images ‘chimney through flat roof’ (for example). Make sure everything meets fire regulations. We’ve turned our old gas chimney into a wood burner by adding a stainless pipe and plenty of vermiculite. and of course removing any wood nearby.

👉🏻 Yup this will simply pull the warm air out of the house without reflecting much heat back to the room. It is beautiful however.

👉🏻 We have one in our bedroom and I just bought an electric insert to put in. It looks real and puts off heat!

👉🏻 The electric ones are tempting. Though we were hoping for a wood burning one for those times when we lose power!

👉🏻 We have a malm fireplace. Yes, it will heat your home just fine. We really like it. It’s like having a camp fire in your living room. We live in the PNW, so the fact that it doesn’t put out as much heat (most of the heat goes right up through the chimney) is not a big deal at all. Honestly, the biggest complaint I have is that it’s a bit finicky with keeping smoke out of your home… the first couple times we used it, it would always leak a little smoke out of the top of the opening and eventually our whole house would smell like a camp fire… not cool! At first I thought it was a blockage issue or something like that, so we had a chimney sweep come out and look at it. He said everything was clean… said the trick was to keep a good flame going at all times so that the smoke will go up and not out.

👉🏻 Well, we bought a house with a Malm, and we’re moving it (about 3 feet). There’s currently no hole or chimney at all. Once the built ins are in place, and the tiled hearth, then we will reinstall the whole dang thing, chimney and everything. (Note: we have a very skilled aka expensive general contractor orchestrating all of this for us)

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