Shall I replace the 1980s stove in my 1967 home?

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We recently bought a house built in 1967 that seems to have had an 80s kitchen remodel. We are updating soon (new countertop/backsplash, painting cabinets) and plan on replacing the 80s appliances.

The kitchen currently has a Jenn-Air range in great condition. Does anyone know what this might sell for or should I keep it?

👉🏻 you’re gonna replace everything anyway, you might as well get rid of this too. It’s gonna look weird with a brand new kenmore or GE fridge and you still have this dated thing in there throwing it off.

👉🏻 My grandparents have this same stove in their 1960s ranch. I think they put it in right before I was born. It’s still going strong. They’ve replaced the fridge and dishwasher since then but the stove and trash compactor are still in business. I would keep it until it dies. New appliances don’t last.

👉🏻 Keep it!!! Any new electric range with electronic controls will have a fan that runs NONSTOP when the oven is on and it’s ANNOYING. Trust me. I’ve searched and searched. I mean, if a constant high-pitched fan noise doesn’t bug you, go ahead

👉🏻 30+yr. old appliances aren’t worth much, maybe $100 in working condition. I don’t think replacing it will de-value your home as mid century. The downdraft will narrow your choices in selecting a new range. I have replaced downdrafts with overhead exhaust hoods and it can get involved with new ductwork, drywall repair, etc.

👉🏻  used to be a kitchen designer. Retired now in my own MCM. I would never design expensive cabinetry and countertops around a 30 year-old appliance. This is a drop- in range, which requires totally different cutouts and panels than free-standing ranges. And it’s a downdraft, so, if you upgrade later to a range w/vent hood, there will need to be totally different ducting run. I would design for the years to come.

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