RESOURCES: The Starting Point for Your Mid Century Appetite

Since a while I had the idea to build a page that was a  good starting point for the new readers and a specific archive for posts about the iconic objects that made the mid-century design’s history.

Posts like the Aalto’s Savoy vase or the Jacobsen’s Egg chair -to mention a couple of them- were really appreciated by you guys so, to make your life easier in case you wanted/needed to read them again I created dedicated pages.

Of course I will add more pages as I will write more posts but you can find the index in the “Resources” page in the menu above!

I’ll update it regularly so I recommend bookmarking it to consult it faster and your convenience.

I hope this new page will help you to start discover mid-century easily and quickly..

Let me know in the comments if you like the idea and, as always, I want to remind you that to know everything about mid-century modern you can  join the free Mailing List and RSS feed now or follow Mid Century Home on Facebook and Twitter!

Thanks for reading and ciao.