The Award-Winning Transformation of a Mid-Century Home

The Wagoya House – winner of the “Best Renovated or Restored Single House.”  Award – is a tribute to mid-century modern design, brought into the modern era through a thoughtful renovation by Alloi.

Named after the Japanese post and beam construction method it employs, Wagoya House blends natural materials and modern aesthetics with an underlying respect for historical architecture.

Originally constructed in 1957, the home’s transformation was no small feat. Prior to the renovation, the House was wrapped in uninspiring vinyl siding with leaky windows and suffered from an overall lack of energy efficiency. 

The landscape was nondescript, lacking both flow and privacy. The renovation has not only corrected these issues but has elevated the house to a stunning example of design innovation.

The extensive use of natural materials, particularly vertical grain Douglas fir for windows and doors, creates a warm, inviting ambiance while connecting the interior visually to the outdoors. 

The integration of a custom vertical grain feature wall inside the home plays with light and shadow, creating a dynamic visual experience that changes throughout the day with the movement of the sun.

Inspired by the iconic Eichler homes, the architects have incorporated a large, open living room featuring a striking steel and glass façade that dissolves the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces.

The kitchen, once hidden behind a partition wall, now opens up to the living spaces, featuring custom walnut cabinets, quartzite and steel countertops, and modern Louis Poulsen pendant lights. 

The functionality of this space has been enhanced with features like an open island in the kitchen that facilitates engagement with the living room.

Each bedroom has been meticulously designed with attention to detail. The primary bedroom features restored wood paneling and ceilings with George Nelson wall sconces, while the secondary bedroom includes custom white oak shelving for the owner’s collection. These elements ensure that the rooms are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

Outside, the house has undergone a dramatic transformation. The original disjointed façade has been replaced with smooth trowel earth-toned stucco and custom vertical wood siding, complemented by a stone-clad entry that aligns with Feng Shui principles. The standout feature is undoubtedly the stone chimney, which beautifully contrasts with the sleek lines of the steel standing seam roof.

The landscaping has been reimagined to provide both privacy and aesthetic pleasure. Board form landscape feature walls delineate spaces while integrating with the overall design scheme. An outdoor conversation lounge, complete with ambient lighting and enclosed by a minimalist steel gate, offers a tranquil retreat right off the kitchen.

Photos by Nils Timm