What kind of counter tops would you use for this midcentury kitchen?

Photo Katy Daugherty Ordway

I do not want tile counter tops and do not like this print. What kind of counter tops would you do? Keeping the cabinets.

👉🏻Quartz. I’ve had mine for 20 years and good as news. My parents had tile, and just awful (I sold their MCM last year with the original 40s cabinets in the garage and hope the buyers have the wherewithall to restore those and put them back in one day).

👉🏻Check out Heath Ceramics & Tiles. Very cool colors and styles.

👉🏻Keep it simple..keep it light. The cabinets are dark and so is the floor.

👉🏻Soapstone, or something quartz that resembles it. Very FLW.

👉🏻Quartz countertops require little care and are extremely durable. White quartz would look especially clean and nice.

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